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When traditional and expensive enterprise ITSM solutions are out of reach for SMBs, and there is no sufficient value in free help desk tools, and when home-grown solutions wouldn’t just scale up, a cost-effective service desk software can be your right tool for IT service support. Without digging in deeper into your wallets while offering rich service management feature-set, service desk software ensures support teams are geared with the right solution for quicker and more efficient customer service.

Benefits of service desk software

Customer support software

Benefits of service desk software

Service desk software is at the core of IT service management. IT brings together and enables planning and execution of various ITSM processes, including ticketing management, IT asset management, change management, knowledge management, and incident and problem management. By allowing a centralized service desk interface to provide automation to manual service support tasks, IT teams will be able to achieve better output and efficiency in service delivery, and, in turn, improve customer satisfaction.

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How customer service software will help

How customer service software will help

To improve customer service and IT technician productivity, service desk software offers built-in automation and flexible interface to build customizable ticketing management workflows. This helps ensure that the management of service request happen centrally and processes and efforts are captured, tracked, alerted, and reported on.

Service desk software is an integral part of any IT support framework, offering benefits such as:

  • Simplified and streamlined ticketing management—from ticket creation to resolution
  • Automated IT asset discovery, tracking, and reporting
  • Flexible and extensible knowledge base for providing customer self-help options
  • Customizable change approval workflows
  • Intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor technician performance and track ticket status
  • Built-in survey engine to invite customer feedback and evaluate customer satisfaction

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an easy-to-use and affordable web-based service desk software that offers the essential ITSM features needed for SMBs, while helping ensure you don’t end up paying more for what you do not need and use like in the case of pricey enterprise solutions.

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Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk
  • Manually managing service requests without help desk ticketing software can be a tedious process that’s also prone to error.

  • Don’t waste time responding to repetitive, run-of-the-mill questions.

  • Breaching your SLA could spell disaster for your business.

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