An Active Directory reporting tool can speed your audits, secure user credentials, and reduce risk


Analyze AD permissions for compliance

Analyze AD permissions for compliance

Compliance mandates, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, all require detailed monitoring and auditing of user authorization, authentication, as well as Active Directory permissions management and reporting. It’s not always easy to pull relevant AD user and group permissions data out of Active Directory or to receive notification when changes are made.

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is built to monitor suspicious account activity, including lockouts or unauthorized access attempts, and deliver custom Active Directory reports to help satisfy user activity monitoring compliance requirements. No PowerShell required.

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Help detect credential abuse and misuse

Help detect credential abuse and misuse

Use of stolen AD credentials is a common tactics used by cybercriminals intent on stealing sensitive data. An easy-to-use Active Directory reporting tool, SolarWinds ARM is designed to quickly offer insights into potential credential abuse (e.g., accounts with insecure configurations). ARM is built to simplify secure account management with role-specific templates and automated account provisioning and deprovisioning. By mitigating risks to user credentials, ARM can help you improve security and compliance—without adding complexity to your IT security toolkit.
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Automated account deletion helps reduce risk

Automated account deletion helps reduce risk

Often exploited by cybercriminals, inactive or expired temporary accounts can leave your organization exposed to a data breach. By automating account deprovisioning, Access Rights Manager’s report software for Active Directory can help you manage and mitigate this risk while also helping you support ad-hoc and emergency requests, like incident response or termination. Standardized, role-specific templates help enforce the principle of least privilege and ensure data integrity. Plus, our self-service permissions portal puts account permissions in the hands of data owners for full accountability.
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Quick Active Directory reports for easier audits

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions

  • Quickly manage and provision user access

  • Generate custom management and Active Directory reports for audits

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Active Directory permissions reporting can be done via scripts, but it can be painful and slow
What are Active Directory reporting tools?
Active Directory reporting tools enable visibility into how user accounts are configured, and whether this level of access increases risk or violates security policy compliance. Since Active Directory serves as a central database of user identities and access, it’s essential to build quick and easy AD reporting into user permissions, roles, groups, and other aspects of an AD ecosystem to assess how this affects security and compliance posture.