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Group Policy management software can simplify compliance and help reduce risk for nimble incident response and audits

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Visualize AD permissions for compliance

Visualize AD permissions for compliance

PCI and HIPAA involve detailed monitoring as well as auditing of user authorization and authentication—Group Policy management tools can support these initiatives. And yet, not all Group Policy management software easily surfaces the critical information you need for audits (not to mention incident response). Through rich visuals and easily customized reports, SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is built to help accelerate IT audits. It can assist in sending scheduled reports directly to your auditors to demonstrate compliance. ARM also supports incident response and investigations.
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Be alerted when credentials are at risk

Be alerted when credentials are at risk

Stolen AD credentials can give an attacker unfettered access to applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, domain servers, and more. The next step is to exfiltrate sensitive and valuable data from these applications. SolarWinds ARM, a lightweight Group Policy Objects (GPO) management software, is designed to alert for potential credential risks (accounts with insecure configurations). ARM proactively safeguards account creation with role-specific templates and automated account deprovisioning. ARM is built to help mitigate credential theft risks by making it easy to create and disable accounts safely.
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Auto-deactivate inactive accounts

Auto-deactivate inactive accounts

Inactive or expired temporary accounts can leave an organization vulnerable to insider threats or data breaches. By automating inactive account termination, Access Rights Manager’s Group Policy management features help mitigate insider threats while also supporting ad-hoc requests, such as incident response. Role-specific templates help enforce security policies across your AD infrastructure. Help empower data owners with full accountability by safely delegating rights through our self-service permissions portal. Plus, show your auditors our detailed Active Directory reports for easier audits.
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Quick Active Directory Group Policy solutions for easier audits

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions

  • Quickly manage and provision user access

  • Generate custom management and audit reports

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Not all GPO management software gives you
what you need for audits and incident response
What are Group Policy
management tools?
Group Policy management tools help enable IT teams to streamline Active Directory administration. As the centralized interface for managing operating systems, applications, and users' settings in an Active Directory environment, Group Policy offers essential visibility into how user accounts are configured, and whether this level of access increases risk or violates security policy compliance. By providing insight and control into user permissions, roles, groups, and other aspects of an AD ecosystem, Group Policy management tools can help reduce risk and facilitate compliance.