Mission control for your cloud applications

Powerful tools to manage and optimize your public, hybrid and private cloud applications with visibility across the stack


Web performance management

  • Test your websites or web apps every minute from locations all over the world utilizing uptime monitoring
  • Gain insights into actual visitors’ experience by country, browser or device with real user monitoring
  • Make sure that important web transactions work as expected through synthetic transaction monitoring
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Server & Application Monitor

Performance monitoring for servers and hundreds of applications

  • Maintain performance and accelerate troubleshooting across your cloud and on-premise environments
  • Get application-specific monitoring data and server health and performance information in one dashboard
  • Easily add deeper storage, virtualization and network performance monitoring
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Log management

  • Get instant log visibility across your systems - simple to set up and easy-to-use
  • Troubleshoot with full text search; tail, interpret and act on real-time log streams
  • Analyze, create data streams, manage events, and get alerts from saved searches
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Database Performance Analyzer

Application performance optimization

  • Focus on the the heart of application performance, your database, with response-time analysis
  • Performance optimization for instances on RDS and EC2, virtualized and hybrid environments
  • Quickly identify the root cause of bottlenecks and solve problems with expert advice
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Real-time monitoring

  • Collect metrics from any source: web experience, infrastructure, application and business metrics
  • Apply computations, time slice, combine and correlate metrics from different sources in real-time
  • Visualize in interactive dashboards, annotate, analyze and share custom dashboards
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Virtualization Manager

Performance, troubleshooting, capacity and sprawl management from VM to datastore

  • Monitor ESX and Hyper-V together; troubleshoot performance, capacity, storage, and configuration
  • Proactively analyze and identify hypervisor-specific issues on VMs, hosts, datastores, and clusters
  • Manage VM sprawl and predictive capacity right-sizing, and find stale, zombie, and over-allocated VMs
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Why SolarWinds for cloud monitoring?

Full-Stack cloud monitoring

Manage, optimize and troubleshoot from end user experience to infrastructure components.

Easy-to-use and affordable

Over 700,000 users rely on SolarWinds for powerful, intuitive, and affordable tools.

Trusted partner

Since 1999, SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) has been providing products designed to make your job easier.

Best in class tools working together

An integrated dashboard to combine, annotate and analyze all your monitoring data.