User Activity Monitoring

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Manually identifying unusual user behavior among hundreds of logs is virtually impossible

Unmonitored user activity

Suspicious user activity can compromise security across the network, leading to a data breach.

Incomplete audit trails

Finding the root cause of an incident, and tracing it to a suspected user, becomes difficult without comprehensive audit trails.

Time-consuming threat remediation

Non-centralized and manual log analysis increase the time it takes to remediate threats and prevent business downtime.

Automate event log analysis, and detect and stop malicious user activities before they compromise security

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    Monitor user activity across your IT environment

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager helps you monitor user activities such as suspicious logon and logoff on critical servers, workstations and network devices. Identify privileged account abuse on admin accounts and groups and get alerted on unauthorized software installations and data transfers. Log & Event Manager provides complete visibility into which managed server or network device was accessed, when and by which user. This helps to determine whether the attack is from the inside or from an external source.

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  2. Analyze historical user activity to identify anomalies

    Once you've determined a user of suspicious activites across the network, you can do an in-depth search to identify the audit trail and determine the user's historical activity. Additionally, Log & Event Manager helps you define correlation rules centered around this specific user so that you can automate alerting to all events triggered by the user activity.

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  3. Respond to user activity and take corrective actions

    Log & Event Manager features an in-memory correlation engine that provides security incident awareness in real-time. You can choose from hundreds of built-in rule templates, and customize them to detect and respond to suspicious user activities, such as adding or removing users from admin groups, accessing a business critical server after office hours, and more. Some of the corrective actions upon detecting these anomalies include blocking IP addresses, sending alert popups or emails, logging off the user, restarting or shutting down the source machines, etc.

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Putting File Integrity Monitoring in place has given us unprecedented visibility into the file-level behaviors of our business, which helps us better support our users."

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Detect and stop malicious user activities before it's too late

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  • Centralize and analyze events and logs across IDS/IPS, routers, switches, servers, and databases
  • Use real-time event correlation to detect and respond to malicious activities in the network
  • Automate and simplify audits, and get actionable data in less time

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