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Quickly Identify and Eliminate the Most Common
Types of Cyber Attacks Before Damage is Done 

target_icon SPEAR PHISHING

The success of a spear phishing attack is dependent on an end user clicking on a link embedded in a crafty email. Unfortunately, the unlimited nature of human creativity together with Social Engineering have strengthened the odds that at least one target in a phishing attack will click on that security compromising link.


A common precursor to many security attacks is the theft of credentials or an escalation of permissions. Gaining access to privileged accounts is the key to accessing valuable data contained in file shares or data bases.



Many Web applications contain vulnerabilities that allow attackers to use Cross Site Scripting (XSS) to misrepresent a website. As a result attackers are often able to get victims who interact with these illegitimate web pages to unwittingly click on a malicious script or capture login credentials.

target_icon SQL INJECTION

For over a decade, SQL Injection has been one of the most common application layer attack techniques. It takes advantage of public facing applications that respond to user-supplied data. By inserting customized queries attackers can bypass security measures and cause the applications to take malicious actions.


target_icon BOTNETS

Most people are never aware of their participation in a botnet Army, since the impact to an individual system is minimal. However, when hundreds of these unobtrusive Bots are instructed to forward transmissions to a single Web application, they can represent a serious security threat.

target_icon DDOS

DDoS attacks are able to incapacitate an online service or website by overwhelming it with activity from hundreds or thousands of computers participating in a botnet.

Detect and Respond with a Powerful SIEM

Detect and Respond with a Powerful SIEM

Security Information & Event Management
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  • Turn log data into real-time intelligence with event correlation.
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