Log & Event Manager - SIEM made Simple & Affordable
Automated Log Collection, Analysis, & Real-Time
Event Correlation

Starts at $4495
  • Collects, normalizes, & analyzes log data & performs real-time, in-memory event correlation
  • Delivers immediate, actionable intelligence for security, compliance, & operational issues
  • Includes built-in Active Responses for automated threat remediation, & incident response
  • Provides advanced search & data visualization for fast forensic analysis, & anomaly detection
  • Streamlines compliance reporting with predefined templates for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, & more

Guided Tour

Join Sales Engineer Rob Johnson, for a guided tour of Log & Event Manager.

Log & Event Manager has over 700 built-in correlation rules and hundreds of active responses that allow you to respond in real time.

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What LEM users say about it...

  • The deployment was extremely simple, the user interface was nice and easy to use, and performance was great!

  • Amazingly easy to use. The guy that manages it loves it because it's very easy compared to the other tools.

SIEM + Log Management: Simplify IT Security, Compliance, and Operations with Real-Time Log Analysis and Actionable Intelligence

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) delivers comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities in a highly affordable, easy-to-deploy virtual appliance.

Log & Event Manager automates and simplifies the complex task of security management, operational troubleshooting, and continuous compliance, enabling IT pros to immediately identify and remediate threats and vital network issues—before critical systems and data can be exploited. SIEM software has never been easier to use or more affordable to own.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Log & Event Manager

  • Low Cost, Node-Based Pricing Model for Budgets of All Sizes

    Low Cost, Node-Based Pricing Model for Budgets of All Sizes

    Log & Event Manager utilizes affordable, node-based licensing so you can cost-effectively monitor all of your systems regardless of the number of log sources per node.

    • Cost-effectively deploy log analysis across your entire IT infrastructure—from network perimeter to endpoint
    • Extend log management to workstations to protect against endpoint vulnerabilities and risky user behavior
    • Deploy LEM Workstation Edition for even lower cost log management on Windows® workstations
    • Automatically recover unused agent licenses to streamline LEM usage on workstations and virtual desktops

    With SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager (LEM), you get affordable node-based pricing, so you can cost-effectively monitor all of your nodes, regardless of the number of log sources on each node, allowing you to stay within a planned budget as you deploy and expand your IT infrastructure.

    Moreover, LEM provides a Workstation Edition license with ALL the functionality of LEM, but at an even lower cost, so organizations can affordably extend log monitoring to Windows® workstations. Why is this important?

    Internal threats and security risks introduced by employees pose a very real problem, which is why workstations are considered one of the more vulnerable entities on your network. These endpoint vulnerabilities must be addressed to ensure the integrity and safety of your sensitive corporate and customer data.

    With LEM, you can go beyond just monitoring network devices and server applications; you can easily monitor key workstation activities, such as user logons, system changes, installation of prohibited applications, unauthorized use of USB drives, and more. Very importantly, you can leverage LEM’s built-in Active Responses to automatically combat workstation security and threats in real-time—no human intervention required.

    SolarWinds LEM also provides the ability to automatically recover unused agent licenses, which is especially helpful in virtual desktop (VDI) environments.

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  • Easy Collection of Network Device, Machine and Cloud Logs

    Easy Collection of Network Device, Machine and Clouds Logs

    Log & Event Manager collects and catalogs log and event data, in real-time, from anywhere data is generated within your IT infrastructure

    • Automatically collects, classifies, normalizes, and aggregates all log data
    • Delivers real-time intelligence from network devices, security appliances, application servers, databases, virtual machines, cloud, and more
    • Integrates with other SolarWinds products, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), and Alert Central

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) provides easy, automated, and powerful log and event management with real-time intelligence from anywhere data is generated within the IT infrastructure to help streamline IT operations, strengthen security, and ensure compliance.

    LEM integrates with best-of-breed products in every major category and provides support for dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of products, and thousands of models, with more being added each week.

    Plus, LEM integrates with other SolarWinds products to provide even more flexibility and in-depth visibility to simplify IT management and fortify network security, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM) to send/receive traps, as well as Alert Central for incident handling.

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  • In-Memory Event Correlation for Real-Time Threat Detection

    In-Memory Event Correlation for Real-Time Threat Detection

    Log & Event Manager delivers true real-time log and event correlation by processing log data before it is written to the database, enabling you to immediately respond to security threats and vital network issues.

    • Instantly detect security, operational, and compliance issues, including external breaches, insider abuse, policy violations, application availability, performance problems, and more
    • Get alerted in real time and contain threats at network speed
    • Leverage over 700 built-in event correlation rules for out-of-the-box visibility and intelligence
    • Gain immediate insight into network anomalies and suspicious patterns in your environment
    • Detect and stop zero-day, multi-vector and blended threats

    Event correlation is key to an effective SIEM solution. But, not all correlation engines are built equal.

    With SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM), you get true real-time, in-memory event correlation to instantly detect and mitigate threats. It provides immediate incident awareness and actionable intelligence so you can respond to vital issues at network speed.

    LEM’s real-time analysis means you’re able to take instant action to contain a threat or thwart an attack. Moreover, LEM provides automated, active responses for hands-free threat mitigation, so you can safeguard your network 24x7.

    LEM enables you to effectively troubleshoot both security and operational issues—be it a data breach or a network performance problem—by understanding the relationship between different activities using multiple event correlations. For instance, an unauthorized application gets installed then a significant increase in ftp traffic is seen going in and out of that system.

    LEM also has the unique ability to set independent thresholds for activity per event, or group of events. By combining LEM’s powerful correlation and thresholding abilities, you get security intelligence you can count on and reduce false positives.

    And, with over 700 built-in event correlation rules and easy-to-understand categorization, SolarWinds Log & Event Manager delivers visibility and control right out of the box. LEM’s library of configurable pre-built rules, along with the ability to create advanced rules with drag-and-drop simplicity, means you can say goodbye to writing complex scripts to correlate events— eliminating hours of work for you.

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System Requirements - One Software Fits All

Virtual Environments

VMware® ESX/ESXi 4.0+

Hyper-V® Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2

Hard Drive

250 GB


8 GB


Dual processor, 3 GHz

NOTE: The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. Significantly increasing the poll rate or statistic collection rate could result in additional load on the server, which may require a larger CPU or additional memory.

Must-Have Features of Log & Event Manager

  • Flexible Deployment Options for Scalable Log Collection and Analysis

    Flexible Deployment Options for Scalable Log Collection and Analysis

    Log & Event Manager provides flexible deployment methods to efficiently and affordably scale across multiple sites and geographies.

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) includes flexible deployment methods to help address different scaling needs, such as:

    • Environments with both multiple autonomous datacenters and a need for high-level visibility
    • Companies with many geographically distributed remote sites
    • Organizations with longer-term storage and archiving requirements

    Log & Event Manager enables you to scale across multiple datacenters to collect and centralize all your log data by simply deploying multiple LEM virtual appliances. You can then manage and monitor them all from one console.

    Plus, LEM’s virtual appliance deployment means sites with higher event volumes and complex deployment needs can take advantage of distributing virtual processing.

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  • Out-of-the-Box Reporting for Security, Compliance, and Operations

    Out-of-the-Box Reporting for Security, Compliance, and Operations

    Log & Event Manager simplifies security, compliance, and operations reporting with hundreds of built-in reports and audit-proven templates that can be easily customized for your organization’s specific needs.

    • Out-of-the-box security, compliance, and operations reporting
    • Over 300 "audit-proven" report templates for regulatory compliance including: PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, DISA STIG, GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, and many more
    • Customize reports to meet the specific requirements of your organization or industry
    • Schedule the creation and delivery of reports or run on-demand; automatically export to different formats
    • Add commonly used reports to your Favorites for repeated use

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) streamlines security, compliance, and operations reporting by providing an intuitive reporting console with hundreds of built-in templates and the ability to easily customize reports based on your organization’s specific needs.

    Reports can be created with different levels of data and graphics, including master reports, detailed reports, and top-level reports. Plus, you can schedule report generation and delivery, or run on-demand. You can also export reports to multiple formats, including Text, PDF, CSV, DOC, and HTML. Moreover, you can add commonly used reports to a Favorites list for fast and easy repeated use.

    And, LEM makes compliance reporting a snap with pre-packaged, audit-proven templates for a wide range of industries, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, DISA STIG, NERC CIP, GLBA, NCUA, GPG 13 and many more.

    With SolarWinds LEM, you get quick and easy reporting—for all your needs—right out of the box!

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  • All-in-One Virtual Appliance for Quick and Simple Deployment

    All-in-One Virtual Appliance for Quick and Simple Deployment

    Log & Event Manager makes deployment quick and simple with an all-in-one virtual appliance, built-in rules and reports, easy-to-use web-based console, and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so you can be analyzing logs and uncovering threats in no time.

    • Easy and rapid deployment model with a virtual appliance on VMware or Hyper-V
    • Do it yourself deployment without the aid of consultants
    • No prerequisite of specific operating system or database as everything is packaged into LEM virtual appliance
    • Easy-to-use, web-based console with intuitive drag-and-drop interface and point-and-click, drill-down simplicity

    SolarWinds LEM provides quick and easy, do-it-yourself deployment via an affordable, all-in-one virtual appliance and does not require additional dedicated staff to manage.

    Packaged as a virtual appliance, LEM seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide total deployment flexibility. Relying on virtual infrastructure allows customers to scale in multiple ways without additional hardware overhead or physical deployment complexity.

    And, LEM’s out-of-the-box functionality empowers you to start immediately detecting and remediating security threats and network problems.

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  • Cutting-Edge IT Search for Fast and Easy Forensic Analysis

    Cutting-Edge IT Search for Fast and Easy Forensic Analysis

    Log & Event Manager’s advanced ad-hoc IT search capabilities, drag-and-drop interface, and intuitive visualization options make it easy to view and explore current and historical log data in a way that makes sense.

    • Quickly conduct forensic analysis to figure out what happened before, during, and after an event to isolate fault and determine root cause
    • Explore and analyze data intuitively with visual search tools, including word clouds, histograms, tree maps, and charts to easily spot anomalies and trends
    • Leverage basic keyword searches and partial information to surface events, and then drill-down with the click-of-a-button for more detailed data
    • Build complex searches fast with a simple drag-and-drop interface, as well as save and reuse custom searches
    • Run scheduled searches with the ability to automatically export and email results upon completion

    SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager (LEM) gives you advanced IT search functionality that enables you to easily analyze events and view log data in a way that makes sense for truly fast and effective event forensics, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis.

    LEM approaches IT search and event forensics in an intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly way with our nDepth search tool—a powerful search engine that allows you to search either normalized event data or the original log messages if you have specific data analysis needs.

    You can explore data visually and as an event list. Moreover, you can refine searches with point-and-click simplicity and drill down into data to pinpoint issues fast. Plus, you can schedule searches to run on a recurring basis, with the ability to automatically export and email results upon completion.

    LEM includes multiple data visualization tools for easy-to-understand event analysis, including word clouds, tree maps, charts, and histograms. Each graphical tool provides an alternative view of the same data so you can examine your data from several perspectives.

    With LEM, the logic is built-in so you don't need to know SQL expressions or programming. You can quickly build searches with a simple drag-and-drop interface—even for complex search criteria. Additionally, you can leverage basic keyword searches so partial information can turn into an intelligent search. And, you can save your searches for future reference.

    With SolarWinds Log & Event Manager, you get cutting-edge IT search capabilities that go well beyond ineffective search bars, so you can find the information you’re looking for with just a few clicks of the mouse!

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  • Built-In Active Responses for Automated Remediation

    Built-In Active Responses for Automated Remediation

    Log & Event Manager enables you to immediately respond to security, operational, and policy-driven events using built-in, configurable Active Responses to take automatic actions, such as quarantining infected machines, blocking IP addresses, disabling user accounts, and more.

    With a library of built-in and configurable Active Responses, SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) executes the automated responses you need to mitigate threats and respond to operational issues immediately—even while you sleep!

    Built-in responses include:

    • Block an IP address
    • Detach USB devices
    • Kill processes by ID or name
    • Start or stop Windows services
    • Log users off
    • Enable or disable domain and local user accounts, or Windows® machine accounts
    • Add or remove users from groups
    • Create, disable, or delete user accounts and user groups
    • Remove user-defined group elements
    • Reset user account passwords
    • Restart or shutdown machines
    • Append text to a file
    • Send incident alerts, emails, or popup messages

    LEM’s Active Response capabilities provide immediate assurances that each policy-driven event violation, such as unauthorized access, unexpected configuration changes, application performance degradation, unusual traffic spikes, and any other anomalous behavior patterns get immediate corrective attention.

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  • USB Defender Technology for Internal Data Loss Protection

    USB Defender Technology for Internal Data Loss Protection

    Log & Event Manager helps eliminate endpoint data loss and protect sensitive data with real-time notification of USB devices, coupled with the ability to monitor what files are accessed on the device, as well as the ability to automatically block their usage.

    • Protect sensitive data with real-time notification when USB devices are detected
    • Automatically or manually eject USB devices
    • Create whitelists of authorized USB devices
    • Monitor what files or processes are accessed on the drive
    • Leverage built-in reporting to audit USB usage over time

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) includes built-in USB Defender technology that provides real-time notification when USB drives are detected.

    You can monitor the usage of any USB drive connection, including mass storage, smartphones, cameras, and wireless networking devices. You can also create whitelists and granular rules regarding what USB devices are authorized or which users are allowed to use them. Moreover, LEM has the intelligence to know the difference between USB keyboard/mouse vs. USB mass storage devices.

    LEM lets you see what files or processes are accessed on USB devices. This information can be further correlated with network logs to identify potential malicious attacks coming from a USB device. You can then detach the drive right from the LEM console or configure automated actions to block the usage, including the ability to disable user accounts, quarantine workstations, and automatically eject USB devices. You can even configure LEM to detach a UDB device when systems are offline. Plus, LEM provides built-in reporting to audit USB usage over time.

    With LEM’s USB defense, you can be confident your sensitive data doesn’t walk out the door.

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  • High Compression and Encryption for Efficient and Secure Log Archival

    High Compression and Encryption for Efficient and Secure Log Archival

    Log & Event Manager securely stores terabytes of log data at a high compression rate and enables immediate access to historical data for easy analysis, searching, and compliance reporting, while reducing external storage requirements.

    • Securely store logs with a high performance, high compression data model that stores data at up to a 60:1 ratio
    • Satisfy your retention requirements and avoid buying costly additional storage hardware
    • Enable differential archiving on a regular or automatic basis rather than full archive every time
    • Automatic encryption and signatures of data stores and archived data
    • Easily search, analyze, and report on historical data for compliance reporting and auditing

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) uses a high performance, high compression data model for log storage, storing data at up to a 60:1 ratio. That means you can store the massive amounts of log data required for regulatory compliance while reducing the need for external storage and the costs associated with that storage.

    LEM’s highly efficient storage capabilities mean you have an easily accessible, living archive for immediate access to historical information. This makes searching, analyzing, and reporting for compliance and auditing a breeze.

    Plus, SolarWinds LEM keeps your log data secure with automatic encryption and signatures of data stores and archived data.

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  • Datasheet: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) is based on the powerful technology from TriGeo® combining real-time log analysis, event correlation, and ad hoc search to deliver the visibility, security, and control you need.

  • Datasheet: VPAT Log and Event Manager

    Check out the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template™ summary table for SolarWinds Log and Event Manager.


  • Actively Defending Your Network with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Custom Rules

    Let your rules do it for you, using Solarwinds Log and Event Manager. Rules within the Solarwinds LEM can automatically respond to events on your network 24/7, just as if you were there all the time. Notify yourself and others of security related events via email, log off misbehaving users, or disable networking to stop a virus from spreading ¬-- all without any direct intervention on your part.

  • Adding Nodes, Devices and Systems with Log & Event Manager

    Integrate network devices and systems for analysis with Log & Event Manager.

  • Network Troubleshooting in SolarWinds Lab: Virus in a Haystack

    Join Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Lawrence Garvin for Virus in a Haystack and learn all about the hospital (network) virus that couldn't be diagnosed. We'll look at a very puzzling circumstance where a firewall continued to reboot at ever decreasing intervals. The IT department would reboot it, but over time, it would grind to a halt. It looked like a bad box, but then it looked like a virus. The anti-virus said all was well... so what was it? Learn how their current monitoring set up missed the real problem and how your monitoring tools can be optimized to avoid the same sort of puzzling issue.

  • SolarWinds Security Software - Log & Event Manager

    Watch this short video covering SolarWinds Log & Event Manager's key security features. You will learn quickly how LEM can help you keep your network secure. You will also see the product in action.


  • Deploying and Managing SolarWinds Log and Event Manager

    With our release of LEM 5.3, installing and deploying have become more intuitive. Josh Stephens and Rob Johnson will show you how it’s done! They’ll also discuss and demonstrate some excellent use-case scenarios for User-Defined Groups, Widgets, Filters and nDepth Queries.

    *Registration Required

  • Geek Speak: Back to Basics on Compliance Management

    Nowadays, just about everyone is worried about compliance. Whether your organization falls under some industry or government compliance standards or you’re maintaining and auditing your own private standards, compliance affects us all.

    *Registration Required

Case Studies

  • Energy Federal Credit Union

    EFCU was using passive log capture technology to track traffic entering and exiting its network by manually examining firewall activity logs.

  • Legacy Texas Bank Case Study

    LegacyTexas Bank is a full-service community bank serving businesses and families throughout North Texas with 19 branches, 350 employees and over $1.6 billion in assets. Network and information security is absolutely vital, as is compliance with FFIEC and FDIC regulations.


  • Estimating Log Generation for Security Information Event and Log Management

    As more solutions enter the marketplace claiming to collect, analyze and correlate log data, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have the ability to estimate log generation for one’s environment. This is required for two primary reasons: to estimate the amount of storage required for log data; and to estimate the cost of various solutions given their licensing model. This paper will discuss an approach to estimating the amount of log data generated in a hypothetical network environment.

Product FAQ

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Version History

V5.7 - SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) v5.7 provides the following usability and performance enhancements:
  • nDepth Scheduled Searches
    • Schedule nDepth searches to run automatically once or on a recurring basis
    • Email search results as a CSV attachment, or generate an event notifying you of search completion
  • Agent Node License Recycling
    • Define schedule to automatically recover unused agent licenses
    • Specify virtual desktop and workstation devices where licenses can be recovered
  • Scalability Enhancements
    • Improved rules engine and appliance-side processing
  • FIPS Self-Certification
  • Additional Improvements
    • Create User-Defined Groups more easily with new CSV import
    • Deploy LEM to Hyper-V® on Windows 2012 R2
    • New connectors for NetApp®, IBM®, Brocade, and more
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Introducing SolarWinds LEM Workstation Edition – an incredibly affordable new pricing model to make log management of Windows® workstations simpler and more economical than ever.

Product Enhancements

  • Rule Categories and Tags makes it easier to find and create rules
  • New rule templates for appliance monitoring and file tracking
  • Improved Data Storage and Search
    • New differential archiving means no more full database backups
    • Progressive search results displays results as they are found. No need to wait anymore!
  • New connectors for Juniper®, Cisco®, Microsoft® and other devices/vendors


  • All new affordable and economical SolarWinds LEM Workstation Edition pricing model to monitor and manage logs from Windows workstations

Product Integration with

  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM)
    • Send correlated LEM events to SAM for added visibility into server and application performance
    • Forward SAM alerts to LEM and correlate them with specific LEM events, then create rules and configure notifications for future occurrences
  • SolarWinds Alert Central
    • Correlate events in LEM and forward to Alert Central via email for incident handling
    • Easily distribute alerts using configurable escalation policies and on-call calendaring in Alert Central
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Discovery for syslog devices, new dashboard content, and support for Hyper-V™ 2012
  • Discovery of syslog devices – Collect syslog or SNMP trap data in Log & Event Manager with out manual configuration using connector discovery.
  • New dashboard content – New widgets help pinpoint issues and track trends in near-term historical data; new details dashboards facilitate troubleshooting and drill-down of nodes and users.
  • Support for Hyper-V 2012, Windows® 2012 and Windows 8 – Install the LEM appliance on Hyper-V 2012, monitor Windows 8/2012, and use IE10 on Windows 8 to access the LEM Console.
  • Additional user interface improvements to help customers find things faster, including new default filters, removal of unused content, and renaming of confusing verbiage.
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SolarWinds Log & Event Manager version 5.4 added virtual application support for Hyper-V and integration with other SolarWinds products.
  • Virtual appliance support on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2
  • Web-based console
  • Authentication against Active Directory
  • Integration with other SolarWinds products
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SolarWinds Log & Event Manager version 5.3 added support for Kiwi Syslog Server, updates to the agent, and more.
  • Support for Kiwi Syslog Server
  • Updates to the Log & Event Manager Agent (including Java Runtime Environment
  • Additional nDepth Export functionality
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To see a complete version history for SolarWinds Log & Event Manager, please visit our release notes.

Data Sources

Anti-Virus Software

  • AMaViS
  • AVG 7.5 Network (workstation)
  • AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition 8.0
  • AVG DataCenter 7.5 (server)
  • Baracuda AV¹
  • Cisco Content Security and Control Security Services Module¹
  • Command AntiVirus Enterprise
  • Command AntiVirus for Windows
  • Command AntiVirus Small Business
  • Command AV for Exchange Server
  • Computer Associates E-Trust 6.0+ (InnoculateIT)
  • F-Secure AntiVirus 7
  • ForeFront Client Security
  • ForeFront Security for Exchange
  • ForeFront Security for Sharepoint
  • FreshClam
  • Kaspersky AV
  • McAfee ePO
  • McAfee GroupShield for Exchange Server
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee VScan 4.5
  • McAfee VScan 5.0
  • McAfee VScan 6.0
  • McAfee VScan 7.0
  • McAfee VScan 8.0
  • Microsoft Antigen 9.0


Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems

Network Devices

Operating Systems

Vulnerability Assessment

Identity and Authentication Management Applications

Web Server / FTP / Content Management

Database Auditing

Other Products / Applications / Environments

Tips and Training

Tips and Training

How-to Deploy Log & Event Manager to VMware

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Tips and Training

LEM Install: How-to Deploy Log & Event Manager to Hyper-V™ R2 Server 2008 R2

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Tips and Training

Creating Rules for Real-time Correlation and Response with Log & Event Manager

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Tips and Training

Effectively Creating Filters and Monitoring Events with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

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Tips and Training

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Quick Tour

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Tips and Training

Adding Nodes, Devices and Systems with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

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Tips and Training

Using nDepth and Reports to Search and Analyze Log Data with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

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