Bandwidth Gauges


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Monitor real-time network bandwidth usage meters

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Real-time bandwidth gauge

Response Time Monitor

Real-time bandwidth gauge

To start collecting real-time traffic load of an interface, enter the device name or IP address and its credentials to create your own bandwidth gauge and start collecting statistics of sent and received data. With these bandwidth meters, you can:

  • Set the polling frequency of the selected device to update the gauges at desired intervals
  • See the current data in table format below the meters
  • See historic bandwidth meter data as graphs and charts
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Setting up Bandwidth Gauges for multiple interfaces

Setting up Bandwidth Gauges for multiple interfaces

You can create multiple gauges and save their configuration as a file that can be loaded at any time. As long as you have enabled SNMP communication on your devices and they support MIB-II, you can monitor their bandwidth usage with the Engineer’s Toolset’s bandwidth meter tool. You can monitor multiple interfaces by running several bandwidth gauges at the same time.

The Bandwidth Gauges application is great for monitoring a range of interfaces to assess load distribution. With Bandwidth Gauges, you can select and associate different styles of gauges with different devices. Routers can appear as one type of gauge and servers can be defined to appear as a different gauge. You can even save your layouts to quickly load a list of monitored interfaces/ports. You can also run Bandwidth Gauges as integrated gadgets in the Engineer's Toolset ETS Workspace Studio®, enabling you to monitor a few interfaces and analyze their historical graphs.

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Deploying Bandwidth Gauges

Deploying Bandwidth Gauges

Bandwidth Gauges comes with SolarWinds® ETS, a collection of essential diagnostic, monitoring, discovery, and troubleshooting tools that network engineers rely on to perform daily IT tasks. Once you install Engineer’s Toolset, you can quickly locate Bandwidth Gauges in the Network Monitoring folder. Network Monitoring with Engineer’s Toolset also offers network monitoring tools like CPU Load Monitor, CPU Gauges, NetFlow Real-Time Tool, Proxy Ping, Network Interface Monitor, Router CPU Load, SNMP Device Performance Tool, TraceRoute Tool, and the “Watch It” Availability Monitor Tool.
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Over 60 time-saving tools for IT


Over 60 time-saving tools for IT

Let’s face it, in the fast-paced world of IT, you need easy access to the right tools to monitor or quickly troubleshoot your network. With Engineer’s Toolset’s 60+ tools, you’ll be able to comprehensively and effectively manage and troubleshoot your network with tools in categories including network monitoring, diagnostics, discovery, config management, log management, IP address monitoring, SNMP, and security. All of these tools are easily accessible from one unified desktop console. In addition, ETS includes online access from an easy-to-use web console to five of its most popular tools: Response Time Monitor, Interface Monitor, CPU Monitor, Memory Monitor, and TraceRoute. Download a free trial today and find out for yourself!
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Get a Bandwidth Gauge and 60+ IT Tools, when you need them

Engineer's Toolset

  • Automatically discover network devices as well as map network topology.

  • Track device availability, memory utilization, CPU load, interface statistics, and performance & latency of network paths.

  • Quickly troubleshoot your network with enhanced ping capabilities and packet route tracing.

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Bandwidth Gauge
This utility displays bandwidth statistics in real-time for data being received and transmitted for any remote network device.