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SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset Config Editor/Viewer can quickly download the running configuration of a Cisco router and automatically archive it for future reference. Config Viewer has the capability to decrypt Cisco type 7 passwords. In turn, this tool can quickly decrypt all the login passwords after downloading the running configurations from Cisco PIX or Access Servers, like AS5200. With this configuration viewer tool, you can compare the configurations of different routers and switches, or compare an older version with the current configuration.

Benefits of Using a Configuration Management Tool

A configuration management tool is a router configuration software that can be used to:

  • Download configurations from Cisco routers and switches
  • Compare date-based configurations of Cisco routers and switches
  • Upload configurations to Cisco routers and switches
  • View and make changes to running router & switch configurations
  • Compare the running configuration of a Cisco router with the startup configuration
  • Quickly identify and fix unauthorized & failed configuration changes
  • Easily compare configurations to baseline configurations and ensure compliance with recommended standards
  • Troubleshoot network issues that arise due to configuration changes and reduce network downtime

Deploying Config Editor/Viewer

The config editor/viewer tool comes with SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset, which is a collection of essential diagnostic, monitoring, discovery, and troubleshooting tools that network engineer’s rely on to perform daily IT tasks. Once you install Engineer’s Toolset, you can quickly locate ‘Config Viewer’ in the ‘Configuration Management’ folder in the Workspace Studio. You can also search for ‘Config Viewer’ in the Workspace Studio.


Using Config Editor/ Viewer in Engineer’s Toolset

You can use the Config Viewer tool to download the running configuration of a Cisco router and automatically archive for future reference. Additionally, this tool can decrypt configuration files that are encrypted with a type 7 password. Further, this editor tool allows you to make changes to the configurations and upload to the selected router or multiple devices. To start the download/upload, enter the device name/IP address and its credentials, then run the comparison. You can also do a line-by-line comparison of a running Cisco configuration file with the startup configuration file.


With this config editor/viewer tool you can:

  • Back up configurations
  • Print configurations
  • View changed lines as they are highlighted by color difference
  • Upload configurations
  • Quickly troubleshoot problems by understanding the changes made in the configurations

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