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our top 5 free system management tools

Remote Execution Enabler for PowerShell

Configuring Windows® Remote Management (WinRM) for all your servers is error prone, tedious and time-consuming, especially for large environments. In one step, configure WinRM for all your servers simultaneously.

  • Configuration of WinRM on local and remote servers
  • Bulk configuration across multiple hosts
  • Automatically generate and distribute certificates for encrypted remote execution
Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory

Achieve instantaneous visibility into user and group permissions. Get a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder (NTFS) or share drive.

  • Easily see what permissions a user has for an object and why
  • Browse permissions by group or individual user
  • Analyze permissions based on membership combined with specific permission
    VM Monitor Hyper-V

    Gives you an at-a-glance insight into the health of a single VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V host.

    • Monitors CPU, memory use, number of virtual machines configured and running
    • See detailed stats—VM name, state, OS, processor, memory and network usage
    • Leverage best practice thresholds—begin monitoring right out-of-the-box
    Admin Bundle for Active Directory

    Three free tools to help you manage and remove computers and users from Active Directory and add users in bulk

    • Inactive User Account Removal Tool
    • Inactive Computer Account Removal Tool
    • User Import Tool
    VM Console

    Track up/down status, take snapshots of all your VMs and more—even if you are not a VMware Administrator

    • Bounce, shutdown and restart VMs without logging into vCenter or vSphere
    • Get end-to-end VMware visibility—vCenter through ESX hosts to VM guests
    • Use vCenter/vSphere credentials to view your environment's top-down hierarchy
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