Simplify everyday tasks and troubleshooting with
  • A must-have bundle to help you monitor network traffic and bandwidth
  • Capture and analyze up to 60 minutes of NetFlow, JFlow or sFlow® data
  • Identify traffic by conversation, application, domain, endpoint or protocol
  • Monitor, analyze and display real time interface bandwidth usage
  • Receive alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded

Quickly isolates a performance problem to the network or an app by analyzing a Wireshark® packet capture (PCAP) file

  • Analyzes common packet capture formats and detects over 1200 applications
  • Displays app and network response time, data volume and transaction volume

Scans, tracks, and consolidates your IP address information in one location—saving you time and preventing errors

  • Eliminates IP conflicts by scanning, tracking, and managing up to 254 IP addresses
  • Detects IP conflicts and other problems using integrated monitoring and alerting
  • Helps you fix problems faster with detailed IP histories and event logs
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