Help improve security, real-time monitoring, and troubleshooting with insightful pfSense reporting and analysis


Faster suspicious activity detection

Faster suspicious activity detection

SolarWinds® Security Event Manager (LEM) helps you aggregate pfSense firewall logs centrally for efficiently managing security operations. A high volume of firewall log data makes it difficult to sift through the information and detect security threats in time. SIEM tools like SEM provide in-depth search options to help you actively analyze pfSense logs and detect any suspicious activity to help prevent security breaches. pfSense Firewall Log Analyzer will notify you whenever end users access unauthorized sites and apps or consume higher bandwidth to initiate timely corrective actions.
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Proactive audits with real-time correlations

Proactive audits with real-time correlations

LEM lets you correlate pfSense firewall log data with other events in your network environment to identify more intelligent insights and proactively troubleshoot security threats. SEM is built to help you reduce firewall auditing time by letting you clearly pinpoint events whenever traffic exceeds thresholds, unauthorized ports are accessed, or proxy servers are bypassed. pfSense Firewall Log Analyzer analyzes traffic, controls device configurations, examines device security, and manages configuration changes with real-time correlation capabilities. Track the relationship between multiple pfSense log events using SEM to detect unusual patterns and expedite troubleshooting.
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Immediate threat remediation


Immediate threat remediation

LEM helps you automatically respond to threats by configuring customized rules to avoid a security breach. Once the rules are set, whenever an event meets a rule condition, the rule prompts SEM to take action in real time. Automated threat remediation can result in active response actions, like blocking IPs, disabling networks, logging-off users, killing processes, and more. SEM is designed to improve pfSense reporting by turning firewall logs into actionable insights that can be used to identify and troubleshoot network problems.
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pfSense firewall log analyzer for optimizing firewall security

Security Event Manager

  • Unify and extract actionable intelligence from all your logs in real time.

  • Expedite threat response against malicious IPs, accounts, applications, and more.

  • Get out-of-the-box compliance reporting for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, and more.

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Traditional pfSense log analyzers can fail to provide threat intelligence for proactive security
What is pfSense firewall log analyzer?
pfSense firewall log analyzer facilitates the collection, monitoring, and analysis of pfSense logs to help simplify security audits and expedite threat remediation. A powerful pfSense log analyzer is essential for holistic pfSense reporting.