Tool Details

  • Trace the route of a network path using the fastest available tool of its kind
  • Display the domain names and response time for each hop
  • Resolves the DNS real time
  • Diagnose response time problems and isolate segment failures

The TraceRoute tool is as important to a network engineer as a screwdriver is to an electrician. All networks have latency and a TraceRoute tool is used to analyze the performance and latency of each hop across a communication path. The SolarWinds TraceRoute application provides not only the basic TraceRoute data, but also additional SNMP stats on each device in your network.

Why SolarWinds TraceRoute Tool?
If you need a TraceRoute tool to trace the route of a network path, don't settle for a tool that just displays the IP addresses of the hops along a path. The TraceRoute utility from SolarWinds provides network engineers with the most powerful TraceRoute application available.

Our TraceRoute tool not only displays the domain names of the hops in the communication path, but also provides detailed response time analysis of each hop. Why settle for just knowing there is packet loss between your home office and Miami when you can use the SolarWinds TraceRoute tool to identify a 60% packet loss between the telecom company in Atlanta and your Miami access point. Now you know who to call and what needs to get fixed!

Response Time Across Each Hop
TraceRoute utilizes ICMP to diagnose performance issues along a network path in real time. With TraceRoute, you can diagnose a response time problem between points A and Z and see the detailed, real-time response time at each point along the way. SolarWinds TraceRoute application can significantly reduce the time required to isolate and identify a bandwidth or segment failure within your network.

TraceRoute with SNMP
The SolarWinds TraceRoute Tool can quickly trace a route from your computer to any other device. SolarWinds TraceRoute not only displays the response time for each node but also resolves the DNS in real time. The TraceRoute tool reports the standard ICMP information, as well as SNMP information like machine type, ISO level, and boot time. In addition to displaying detailed information for each hop, the SolarWinds TraceRoute application provides the ability to right-click and connect with that network device directly.

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Engineer's Toolset

  • Automatically discover network devices as well as map network topology.

  • Track device availability, memory utilization, CPU load, interface statistics, and performance & latency of network paths.

  • Quickly troubleshoot your network with enhanced ping capabilities and packet route tracing.

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