CPU Gauges:Tool Detail

  • Monitor the CPU load on Windows® servers, as well as Cisco® routers and switches
  • Communicate with remote devices via SNMP
  • Customize the look of gauges with built-in skins

The SolarWinds CPU Gauge monitors CPU load on routers, switches, and Windows 2000 and later computers. The SolarWinds CPU Gauge utilizes SNMP to communicate with the remote device, displaying the received results in an easily consumed graphical gauge.

CPU gauges can be customized using the built-in skins that ship with SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset.

Easy access to 60+ network management tools, when you need them

Engineer's Toolset

  • Automatically discover network devices as well as map network topology.

  • Track device availability, memory utilization, CPU load, interface statistics, and performance & latency of network paths.

  • Quickly troubleshoot your network with enhanced ping capabilities and packet route tracing.

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