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SQL Server is slow. Is it time to upgrade the hardware or the code?

Server resource constraints

No proactive alerts about bottlenecks related to CPU, memory, disk performance, or virtual machine resource contention.

SQL Server performance

Performance issues related to database status and capacity, active user connections, and SQL Server® errors.

Inefficient queries

The application is slow and the software vendor tells you to add more memory. You think it might be the code, but can't prove it.

Get a comprehensive view of database performance management

  1. Correlate server health metrics with query response time

    When a SQL server performance issue occurs, you are proactively alerted about capacity constraints with SQL Server, from overall CPU and memory usage for the physical server and virtual machine to database and volume usage.

    Database Performance Analyzer allows you to see the direct correlation between response time and system resources, such as CPU, I/O and memory from a single pane of glass.

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  2. Identify blocked SQL queries

    One bad query from an application using the SQL database affects the performance of the whole database server itself-not just the individual database belonging to that application. Monitoring for long average lock wait times and expensive queries alerts you about possible issues before the SQL Server itself is brought down by a single query.

    Monitoring expensive queries lets you see poorly written queries, queries that take too long to respond, queries affected by CPU time, efficient queries that are delayed by slower queries, etc.

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  3. Find inefficient code

    Database performance analysis helps you proactively tune queries so applications can respond faster. Effective tuning requires knowledge of the top SQL statements, top wait types, SQL plans, blocked queries, resource contention, and the effect of missing indexes. Database Performance Analyzer quickly identifies top wait types and SQL plans.

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  4. Learn how response time and server resources impact SQL Server

    Understand how server resources impact query response-time and overall database performance. SQL Server wait types are key to understanding the precise cause of slow SQL response times. Database Performance Analyzer monitors these waits and identifies those that have the most significant impact on database performance.

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