File Integrity Monitoring

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Protect your sensitive files and folders from unauthorized access and changes

Insider abuse

Malicious insiders and disgruntled employees can become security threats that result in data theft or sabotage.

Unauthorized file changes

Lacking awareness of access and changes to important system files, folders and registry keys can threaten file integrity.

Undetected zero-day malware

Zero-day malware can change critical system files and executables, or create/install a malicious process or driver.

Monitor file activities to protect sensitive information from theft, loss and malware

  1. Track file and directory access, movement and shares

    Use File Integrity Monitoring to detect and alert on changes to key files, folders and registry settings. System, Active Directory® and file audit events are correlated to obtain information on which user was responsible for accessing and changing a file. Complete user activity monitoring lets you also identify other activities of the user before and after the file change. You can use this information to create an alert or run reports to review activity.

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  2. Detect zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats

    Malware and APTs often access and modify local files. Log & Event Manager includes file integrity monitoring, which lets you correlate logs from anti-virus and IDS/IPS with file audit events to detect APTs and malware. You can leverage Log & Event Manager's incident response actions to kill a malicious process or quarantine systems for complete endpoint protection.

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  3. Meet compliance requirements

    Many industry compliance standards like PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FISMA and SANS Critical Security Controls require you to both secure sensitive data and demonstrate how you have secured it. Log & Event Manager uses File Integrity Monitoring to help meet these requirements. You can use built-in File Integrity Monitoring templates to audit key files and folders, and generate out-of-the box reports to demonstrate compliance.

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File integrity monitoring and more

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  • Collect, centralize and manage events and logs from critical files and registry keys
  • Correlate file audit events with other log data to provide threat intelligence and pinpoint breach attempts
  • Demonstrate compliance and get actionable data in less time

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