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SQL Server® performance has eclipsed failure as the primary issue effecting end-users. The challenge is that many DBAs are unequipped to deal with improving the only metric that really matters, database response time. Response Time Analysis is a pragmatic approach to SQL Server performance tuning and optimizing SQL query performance that empowers DBA’s to deliver results that get noticed.

  1. Benefits of Response Time Analysis

    Response Time Analysis is an approach that enables DBAs to measure time spent on query execution and, therefore, the impact on end-users. By using Response Time Analysis, you can identify bottlenecks, pinpoint their root causes, and prioritize your actions based on the impact poor SQL Server performance tuning has on end-users. In short, Response Time Analysis enables you to deliver performance improvements that get noticed.

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  2. How to Implement: Response Time Analysis

    Response Time Analysis does for DBAs what Application Performance Management (APM) does for IT—identify and measure an end-to-end process, starting with a query request from the end-user and ending with a query response to the end-user, including the time spent at each discrete step in between.

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  3. How Response Time Analysis Works

    At the core of Response Time Analysis is the wait event or wait type. When a server process or thread has to wait for an event to complete or resources to become available before being able to continue processing the query, it’s called a wait type. For example: moving data to a buffer, writing to disk, waiting on a lock, or writing a log file. Typically, hundreds of wait types must be passed between a query request and response. If a query waits on a specific wait type more than usual, how can you find out? How do you know what’s “normal?” How can you find out why it’s waiting? And how do you fix it? That’s where Response Time Analysis comes in.

    Response Time Analysis measures time for every wait type for each query, and provides a way to look at this data in context with other queries, and in context of time, so you can prioritize efforts that impact the end-user most.

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server is a comprehensive database performance monitoring and analysis solution

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