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Expert developers believe that most database performance issues can be traced to poorly written queries and inefficiently designed indexes, not hardware constraints. This is why SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) offers the kind of immediate and powerful results hardware upgrades just can’t deliver.

  1. Benefits of SQL analyzing and tuning

    Tuning your underlying SQL often accelerates database performance. However, tuning effectively requires knowing top SQL statements, top wait types, SQL plans, blocked queries, resource contention, and the effect of missing indexes. To do all this you need an effective SQL analyzing and tuning tool. This is a must-have tool for effective database monitoring. 

    SolarWinds DPA is a SQL query analyzer tool that provides you with the fastest way to analyze SQL statements, identify and resolve performance problems. You can isolate the root cause of a slow query, including a correlation with server resources in about four clicks. Monitor SQL Server, Oracle®, DB2® and SAP ASE running on physical servers, and VMware® with less than a 1% load.

  2. SQL query analysis and tuning using SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

    Ease query analysis and tuning with a 24/7 database performance monitoring solution. SolarWinds DPA consolidates performance data in a unified view, which makes life much easier for developers and database administrators.

    View queries running in production

    Unfortunately, application performance is often put off until the deployment phase. Accessing query performance on production servers improves SQL performance because it incorporates application performance into development cycles. SQL Query Analyzer monitors development, test, and production servers with less than a 1% load. With the DPA dashboard, developers can drill down into a production database to learn how a code is performing.

  3. Collaborate with IT teams

    SolarWinds DPA is a powerful SQL query tool that offers a unified view into query performance. This removes communication barriers to give database administrators, developers, and engineers a common platform for collaboration.

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  4. Align resource provisioning with database performance

    It’s not unusual to see admins investing in the latest hardware without first identifying the root cause of their issue. SolarWinds DPA helps align resource provisioning with database performance, which gives admins the kind of information they need to be more prescriptive about hardware recommendations. This SQL query analyzer helps identify how resource provisioning affects database response times. It also gives developers a unique perspective on the VMware® infrastructure and its impact on database performance.

  5. Focus on specific performance problems

    DPA offers response time analysis to effectively identify the most problematic SQL statements. It allows developers to measure how long it takes an application to respond to a query. This SQL query analyzer helps developers and database analysts focus on key performance barriers and align response times with storage, VM resources, the physical host, and the network.

  6. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer gives admins access to collated, second-by-second data pulled from SQL statements. This information is ranked based on response times and used by developers, admins, and database analysts to identify which SQL query to focus on.

  7. The screen below displays the worst performing SQL statements on the left, application wait times at the top, and the specific events that are causing bottlenecks on the right.

    Tuning advisors provide clear, actionable advice

    DPA collates data points from “five years to five seconds ago,” and presents them in easy-to-understand bar charts with alarms leading to more detailed data about an issue. The tuning advisor points developers toward problems that need immediate attention, and provides clear, actionable advice.

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