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You searched or clicked on network traffic monitoring and management, network traffic analysis, or a similar topic. SolarWinds has software that will help you manage and monitor your network traffic. We recommend that you explore NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.

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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Real Time Network Utilization & Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Monitors network bandwidth & traffic patterns down to the interface level
  • Identifies which users, applications, & protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlights the IP addresses of top talkers and stores & displays flow data with up to one minute granularity
  • Analyzes Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ & other flow data
  • Typically deploys in less than an hour

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Network Traffic Monitoring & Management Software

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Monitor and manage network traffic

  • Monitor network traffic by capturing flow data from network devices, including Cisco® NetFlow v5 or v9, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow®, and Huawei NetStream™
  • Identify which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most network traffic and highlight the IP addresses of the top talkers
  • Correlates traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and even protocols, to recognizable application names
  • Look at traffic patterns over months, days, or minutes
  • Create and share personalized views of network traffic
  • Receive an instant alert notification when an interface exceeds its utilization threshold, including a list of top talkers
  • Drill-down into traffic on specific network elements, using multiple views to get the perspective you're looking for
  • Long-term ability to store more data is ideal for your application traffic monitoring

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) monitors network traffic by capturing Cisco® NetFlow v5 or v9, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow® and Huawei NetStream™ data from continuous streams of network traffic so you can see exactly who and what are consuming network traffic.

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Drill down into network traffic details

  • Identify problems quickly with out-of-the-box top ten views
  • Get to the root of bandwidth issues with an intuitive web- based LUCID interface
  • Identify network-wide top talkers and top applications so you always know who is generating the most traffic

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) allows you to drill-down into detailed network traffic data from an easy-to-use web- based interface. SolarWinds NTA’s traffic analysis dashboard offers a simple, summarized view of your network traffic on a single page with allowing you to see what’s going on at-a-glance and drill down into problems areas, exploring traffic patterns and device performance.
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Investigate and isolate excessive network bandwidth utilization

Look at traffic patterns from months to minutes so you can drill down to the exact moment when something happened on the network and investigate the source like excessive bandwidth utilization.
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Correlate network traffic to common applications

  • as Apple® QuickTime, Oracle® databases, and telnet
  • Parse traffic arriving from popular web applications including YouTube™, Facebook®, Amazon® and online games
  • Monitor network traffic from multi-port applications

SolarWinds NTA tracks application traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and protocols to determine which applications are consuming the most bandwidth.
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Create and share custom network traffic views

  • Set up network traffic views by Cisco® NetFlow v5 or v9, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow®, or Huawei NetStream™ data based on custom parameters
  • Access the data most critical to your network instantly by saving or bookmarking personalized views
  • Share key views as links with co-workers to facilitate teamwork
SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) allows you to set up and share customer network traffic views by filtering NetFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow or NetStream data based on custom parameters, so you can instantly access your network’s most critical data.
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Monitor top generators and users of network traffic

  • Capture up to 95% of all network traffic in as little as 4% of the total amount of Flow data
  • Focus your NetFlow traffic analysis on the users that hog the majority of network bandwidth
  • Eliminate storing unnecessary network traffic data from users and applications that have virtually no impact on bandwidth usage

By monitoring the top generators and users of network traffic, you can boost the traffic analysis performance of SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) up to 10x.
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Create, share, and view out of the box or custom network traffic reports

  • Delivers an alert when network traffic crosses pre-defined thresholds
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by providing direct links to flow details from SolarWinds Network Performance (NPM) events

Create, run, and schedule network traffic reports for using SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer’s (NTA) multiple built-in reports. A simple web-based interface makes it easy to customize built-in reports and allows completely customized flow reports. Plus, with SolarWinds NTA, it’s easy to schedule and automatically generate reports for delivery to management on a weekly basis. SolarWinds NTA includes several out-of-the-box traffic reports including:
  • Top 20 Traffic Destinations By Domain
  • Top 20 Traffic Sources By Domain 
  • Top 5 Traffic Destinations By IP Address Group
  • Top 5 Traffic Sources By IP Address Group

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