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How many times have you heard the phrase “there’s an app for that?” Today, there are more Web applications being created than ever before. Unfortunately, many Web applications often contain vulnerabilities commonly targeted by cyber crimin... View More

Date: 18 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

SQL Server database maintenance covers a lot of ground. Checking error logs on a regular basis. Analyzing performance data. Planning for (and practicing) disaster recovery.

Date: 04 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

When database performance slows, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that hardware must be the reason.

Date: 04 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

Love it or hate it, SQL is everywhere. For many, the hating comes from not knowing how to use it effectively. All DBAs and developers working with Oracle databases should have a solid knowledge of SQL, including what it is (and what it isn... View More

Date: 04 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

Running apps on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines is tempting; promising faster deployments and lower overall TCO. But how easy is it really to configure and run SQL Server in an Azure VM environment?

Date: 04 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

Learn how to successfully navigate your way to a virtualized database environment with Robert Mandeville, Manager of Technical Support and SolarWinds and Janis Griffin, Performance Evangelist at SolarWinds.

Date: 04 Aug, 2015 | Registration Required

Join SolarWinds security experts as they discuss how the continuous evaluation of controls and procedures used to manage privileged accounts is critical to the security of any organization.

Date: 28 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Learn the best practices for scaling your SolarWinds monitoring and management environment across very large and highly distributed environments. Get a preview of future scalability improvements.

Date: 23 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Learn how to use the SolarWinds Application Environment View to troubleshoot application performance issues—be it in the virtualization, database, OS/server, storage layer, or the application itself.

Date: 23 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

The reality today is slow is the new broke, with databases often being the cause of poor application performance. See how the combination of SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor and Database Performance Monitor provides visibility of a... View More

Date: 23 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Firewalls are a critical part of your security infrastructure, and they should also be a critical part of your security monitoring processes. Firewalls also combine the richness of data with the volume of data, making it easy for the nugge... View More

Date: 23 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Learn how to create and leverage the SolarWinds Network Troubleshooting View to find and fix problems with your network's critical paths. Also, see SolarWinds' vision of how the troubleshooting needs of IT practitioners will evolve in the ... View More

Date: 21 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

SolarWinds has released new versions of our products in the last few months, with more to come. Join us for a live, interactive Federal and National Government webinar to see the latest SolarWinds products and features of most interest to ... View More

Date: 01 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Greg Ferro, Leon Adato discuss Network Monitoring trends, impact of SDN on network monitoring practices.

Date: 01 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Janis Griffin, Senior DBA and performance expert, covers the fundamentals of monitoring databases in a VMware® environment including the key differences between monitoring performance on a virtual machine vs. a physical machine.

Date: 01 Jul, 2015 | Registration Required

Solarwinds is committed to delivering you rich features in our product releases to help solve the needs to today’s IT professional. See how the new features in Virtualization Manger 6.3 and Storage Resource Monitor 6.1 allow you to decreas... View More

Date: 01 Jul, 2015

Are you aware of the potential security threats your business is exposed to on a daily basis? SolarWinds will share tips on how to prevent, find and fix critical issue that could jeopardize the overall security of your business.

Date: 18 Jun, 2015 | Registration Required

In this webcast, learn how to use SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and Server & Application Monitor together to get a shared view of overall system performance and the role each part of the system plays with performance.

Date: 15 Jun, 2015 | Registration Required

Join SolarWinds and Palo Alto Networks product experts to learn how to get the most value out of your next-gen firewalls.

Date: 12 Jun, 2015 | Registration Required

During this event you will learn about: 1) The real cost of using “free” Microsoft Server 2012 IPAM 2) What the ideal IPAM for your Microsoft-centric network should deliver 3) Real-world examples comparing Microsoft Server 2012 IPAM to So... View More

Date: 19 May, 2015 | Registration Required

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