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Our FREE VM-to-Cloud Calculator quickly discovers all of your virtual machines and estimates what it would cost to move them to the cloud. Download now and get estimates for Amazon EC2™, Windows® Azure™, and Rackspace Cloud Servers™.


What Would It Cost To Move Your Virtual Machines To The Cloud?

Ask Our Free VM-to-Cloud Calculator!

You knew it was coming. All the buzz about “the cloud” has those number crunchers in finance drooling over potential cost savings and now your boss is asking you to spend your weekend calculating how much it will cost to move all your VMs to a public cloud.

So act like the superhero you are—rescue your weekend by enlisting a super-genius sidekick to calculate those estimates for you! Download SolarWinds free VM-to-Cloud Calculator and, in a flash, it will hunt down and inventory all the VMs running on your network. Then simply select the VMs you want to move and the VM-to-Cloud Calculator will estimate and compare your costs for Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Servers.

That’s all there is to it. Weekend saved. Boss happy. And a couple of guys in finance are amazed by your number crunching abilities.

But that’s not all! As your virtualized environment changes, the VM-to-Cloud Calculator will refine the estimates to reflect your current VM inventory. That means you can continue to amaze all in your midst.


VM-to-Cloud Calculator Highlights:

  • Automatically inventory your virtual machines and capturing description, CPU, memory, storage, and count
  • Compare cost estimates from Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Servers
  • Easily generate updated estimates as your virtualized infrastructure evolves

Boost Your Virtualization Management Superpowers

Our free VM-to-Cloud Calculator makes it easy to generate an inventory of your virtual machines and estimate the cost of moving your VMs to the cloud. But what if you need help managing the VMs you have in your network today?

Add a free trial of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager to your download and, in less than an hour, you can start getting answers to tough questions such as:

  • How many VMs do I have and which ones are over or under provisioned?
  • Where are the performance bottlenecks in my virtualized environment?
  • How are my VMs configured?
  • How many app servers will fit in my current environment and when will I need more resources?
  • What departments are using which resources?
Whether you currently manage as few as fifty virtual machines or a massive corporate cloud, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager can scale to meet your needs. In fact, SolarWinds virtualization management software is already helping IT superheroes like you manage early deployments as well as large-scale, distributed environments of over 10,000 VMs.