SolarWinds Free Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor Tools

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor offers a robust bandwidth monitoring tool which you can access immediately by downloading a free trial. However, if you are only in need of a free tool, download and try our Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring tool. See below to compare and find the best fit to start solving your bandwidth control issues today

Compare SolarWinds Bandwidth Monitoring tools to find the best fit for your needs:

Network Performance Monitor

Full featured Network Performance Monitor. 30-day free trial.

Starts at $2795

Bandwidth Monitor

Simple IP address tracking tool for Windows.

Poll interface bandwidth
Poll interface bandwidth
Polls multiple interfaces simultaneously
Visually display performance
Drag-and-Discover Performance Charts
Easy to understand graph
Availability & Performance Monitoring
Monitors network performance indicators
Network device discovery
Web-based discovery wizard
Network Mapping
Create custom network maps
Network Alerting
Quickly configured intelligent alerts
Availability & Performance Reports
Out-of-the-box and customizable
Centralized Message Center
Single pane of glass for alerts, syslog data, events, traps and other messages

Check out our Fully Featured Network Monitoring Software: Includes Bandwidth Monitoring Capabilities.

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor makes it easy to keep a close eye on a troublesome interface. But what if you need more monitoring muscle? Download a FREE trial of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and start discovering and managing all of the devices in your network—in less than an hour!

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a powerful and affordable network monitoring software that enables you to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages. Now with deep packet inspection and analysis, this network monitor provides quick and accurate identification of network and application reliability.

  • Speeds troubleshooting, increases service levels and reduces downtime
  • Monitors & displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Analyzes user quality of experience using deep packet inspection and analysis
  • Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports
  • Automatically discovers network devices and typically deploys in less than an hour

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Our free Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor watches your troublesome interfaces — like a hawk — and monitors bandwidth usage in real-time!

Put Our FREE Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor to work!

Have a troublesome interface or two? Need to keep an eye on them — like a hawk? Download our free Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor and let it do the watching for you. This bandwidth analyzer will poll your interface as frequently as every half second and reports real-time bandwidth usage on an easy-to-understand graph. Set critical and warning thresholds to instantly see when usage is out of bounds. Monitoring a troublesome interface has never been so easy!

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor Highlights:

  • Poll bandwidth usage at intervals as frequent as half a second
  • Monitor multiple interfaces simultaneously
  • View interface bandwidth usage in an easy-to-understand graph

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