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Get the only free firewall configuration search tool that allows you to do unlimited searches on a mixed vendor inventory from a single convenient interface.

Firewall Browser

Put Firewall Browser to the Test. It’s Free!

Search unlimited Cisco®, Check Point® and Netscreen configurations and ACLs

Tired of dealing with firewall change requests? Having trouble deciphering complicated ACLs? Ease the pain now! Download our free Firewall Browser tool to simplify the process of making firewall changes and start making sense of your ACLs.

Use the free Firewall Browser every time a change request is made or whenever troubleshooting on firewalls becomes necessary.

This tool eases the challenges to search rulesets based on address or service ranges—the way change requests are actually made. And, it’s the only free firewall configuration search tool to support unlimited searches on a mixed vendor inventory from a single convenient interface.

Firewall Browser Highlights

  • Import and search unlimited Cisco®, Check Point® and Netscreen® configurations
  • Search rules and objects based on IP address, object name, service or port
  • Verify if a change request is already handled by the security rules
  • Find the best rules and objects that can be reused for making a change
  • Figure out the impact of a change to an object group

Take Your Firewall Management to the Next Level!

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager (FSM) delivers the advanced firewall management capabilities required by today’s ever-evolving security and compliance mandates and increasingly complex rulesets.

Remember, security and compliance are not one-time projects, but ongoing processes that must be maintained, which is why having the right management tool is vital!

With FSM, you get an all-in-one tool to simplify firewall configuration, change management, and troubleshooting—all with an intuitive, point-and-click interface. You can discover high-risk firewalls in minutes, isolate dangerous rules and security gaps, and remediate threats to ensure the safety of your network’s valuable resources.

FSM Highlights:
  • Automate security audits and compliance checks
  • Analyze and optimize complex firewall configurations
  • Expose hidden network vulnerabilities
  • Clean up redundant, conflicting, and unused rules
  • Model rule change impact without touching production

Don’t take chances with your network’s security! Download SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager and start finding and filling security gaps in your network.

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