What’s New in Virtualization Manager

New in v8.3!

Increased visibility into your virtualization environment

Software-defined storage support for VMware vSAN

Viewing and troubleshooting your vSAN environment is now included in Virtualization Manager (VMAN), with monitored data seamlessly integrated into AppStack™, PerfStack™, and default out-of-the-box views

Virtualization enhancements in Orion Maps

Next generation Orion Maps have been upgraded with support for datastores, including vSANs, and easy access to VMAN recommendations

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Container support

VMAN now supports containers with basic monitoring for Docker, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos, and Kubernetes

Customize VMAN to help focus on what’s most important

Support for custom properties is now included for virtual machines, hosts, datastores, and clusters, allowing you to tailor your views, alerts, and reports to show the most important entities

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Upgrading is simple

To upgrade, visit the customer portal and download version 8.3. Learn more with step-by-step details.