Virtual Machine Configuration Management


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Pinpoint VM performance issues due to configuration changes in Hyper-V and VMware environments

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Accurately track configuration changes

Accurately track configuration changes

Slow performance caused by configuration changes in Hyper-V or VMware is common. However, going back in time and tracking these configuration changes is a difficult and time-consuming task. SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager has configuration management capabilities that allow you to easily track and trend the configurations of your VMs and hosts, guest operating systems, and virtualized applications, enabling you to quickly find the root cause of the problem.
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Maintain solid configurations

Maintain solid configurations

In a Hyper-V or VMware environment, it is essential to maintain the approved configuration standards. A slight deviation can adversely affect VM performance. Also, it is difficult to continuously track configuration changes. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has a Virtual DNA feature designed to hold historical records, which allows you to compare configuration changes over time. This lets you see how VM configurations have changed as a result of day-to-day operations, putting you in a better position to respond to issues.
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Quickly troubleshoot VM bottlenecks

Quickly troubleshoot VM bottlenecks

Configuration changes in a virtual environment can sometimes result in performance issues. Without configuration management capabilities, troubleshooting problems could take a long time. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has built-in configuration management tools that significantly reduce your troubleshooting time by automatically tracking performance issues caused by configuration changes.
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Troubleshoot virtual machine configuration problems

Virtualization Manager

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Mapping poor VM performance to configuration changes is time-consuming and tedious