Event correlation software for log analysis of infrastructure threat sources

Event correlation software can help correlate log events to identify threat patterns

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Centralized event log collection

Centralized event log collection

Event logs can be useful in understanding security threats, but they are worth far less when kept in isolation. Threat patterns can only be recognized when event logs generated across the infrastructure are analyzed side-by-side. Threat Monitor – IT Ops Edition includes security information and event management (SIEM) event correlation capabilities to ingest logs from infrastructure sources, including networking equipment, firewalls, servers, applications, endpoint protection, databases, and third-party cloud vendors to analyze data at event-time to identify patterns that may signal an attempted attack.

Automate complex processes to help improve productivity

Automate complex processes to help improve productivity

The connecting of dots from hundreds of different event logs is a complex process that converts raw data into actionable insights—and gives IT professionals the ability to make informed responses to security threats and devise better IT policies. Threat Monitor – IT Ops Edition helps improve efficiency and reduces wasted time by automating event log normalization, correlation, and event correlation analysis processes. The Threat MonitorSIEM-focused event correlation system is designed to help remove potential human error from the equation.

Help demonstrate regulatory compliance

Help demonstrate regulatory compliance

Remaining compliant with regulatory requirements around security and networked systems can be a complicated process. The SIEM normalization and correlation capabilities of Threat Monitor – IT Ops Edition can be used to organize event log data, and reports can easily be generated to outline security-related threats and events, allowing IT professionals to create competent prevention plans. Create these reports with the integrated set of security event correlation monitoring and reporting tools, and if necessary, customize reporting templates to meet the needs of your organization.

Use event correlation software to see how your infrastructure is being attacked

Threat Monitor - IT Ops Edition

  • Collect event logs generated by all infrastructure sources in one centralized location

  • Automatically normalize and correlate event logs to get the deep insight needed to recognize advanced threats

  • Use organized event log information to easily create detailed security incident reports

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Manual event correlation and analysis of logs created by infrastructure assets
can be long and error-prone
What is SIEM event correlation?
SIEM event correlation, also known as SIEM event log correlation, is the monitoring of incoming logs across an infrastructure by an SIEM event correlation tool for logical sequences, patterns, relationships, and values to analyze and identify events invisible to individual systems.