Comprehensive Azure IaaS performance monitoring for virtual machine and containers

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Optimize your Azure IaaS environment

Optimize your Azure IaaS environment

Monitor, track, and gain insight into the performance of Azure IaaS services. Monitor Azure VM performance for both Windows and Linux operating systems and Kubernetes for CPU, latency, IOPs, and more with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM).

With SAM’s Azure IaaS monitoring solution, you can:

  • View and correlate infrastructure metrics in relation to application performance to gain visibility into the health, performance, and availability of instances running in the cloud.
  • Auto-discover newly created VMs and containers.
  • Monitor network communication between VMs.
  • Visualize dynamic mapping between VMs and applications.
  • Monitor and view metrics over time to help ensure service delivery.
  • View Azure region, configuration, and security details.
  • Azure cloud VM management.
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Correlate Azure IaaS environment performance

Correlate Azure IaaS environment performance

Correlate Azure IaaS monitoring metrics alongside system and application metrics with SolarWinds SAM. SAM is designed to help pinpoint Azure IaaS cloud application problems faster by visually correlating metrics from Azure, operating systems, and applications. View Azure IaaS-based cloud metrics next to on-prem metrics to help ensure you get the performance you expect as well as the insights you need to identify potential bottlenecks, network performance, and cloud provider issues.
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Comprehensive Azure performance monitoring

Comprehensive Azure performance monitoring

Benefit from complete performance monitoring with SolarWinds SAM Azure performance monitoring.

SAM is built to provide valuable monitoring and insights into Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, Azure virtual machines, and service performance with such features as:

  • A single pane of glass view into systems, applications, and infrastructure performance regardless of where they reside. SAM is designed to eliminate the need to switch between multiple monitoring solutions for different metrics, reducing the time spent troubleshooting.
  • Visualizing and correlating performance metrics across your entire environment.
  • Auto-discovery helps ensure that any Azure virtual machines and containers are monitored.
  • Utilizing dynamic baselining and alerting to help define “what’s normal” in your Azure IaaS monitoring.
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Complete Microsoft ecosphere monitoring

Complete Microsoft ecosphere monitoring

Help ensure you have visibility and performance monitoring for your Microsoft systems, applications, and cloud resources in one centralized view with Server & Application Monitor.

In addition to Azure performance monitoring, SAM includes other Microsoft monitoring tools designed to optimize the performance of your entire ecosphere of Microsoft software, such as:

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Azure IaaS Monitoring

Server & Application Monitor

  • Track and trend key Azure IaaS services and metrics

  • Correlate IaaS metrics to application performance

  • Monitor your complete Microsoft ecosphere of products

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What is Azure IaaS?
Azure Infrastructure as a Service, or Azure IaaS, is a Microsoft solution that provides highly scalable and automated compute resources. Microsoft manages the underlying infrastructure such as CPU, memory, and storage. You are responsible for managing the operating system, middleware, application, and data.