Comprehensive Microsoft Monitoring

Performance monitoring for operating systems, applications, hypervisor, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and more, on-prem, hosted, or in the cloud.


Microsoft technologies dominate business IT infrastructures, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of where your system or application resides, SolarWinds has monitoring tools for Microsoft to help monitor and manage your Microsoft environment end-to-end.



Help ensure your Microsoft operating system is working as expected and is not the source of performance problems.

Server & Application Monitor monitoring for Microsoft allows you to:

  • Detect high CPU utilization, insufficient physical and virtual memory, and available disk capacity in storage volumes
  • Analyze performance metrics, such as page file usage, processor time, pages/sec., disk queue, length, and more
  • Monitor Windows network load balancing, print service, remote desktop service, FTP service, and Windows update service
  • Turn off any rogue or expensive processes remotely
  • Reboot server when it’s needed
  • Monitor the number of failed login attempts with an incorrect username or password
  • Collect hardware and software information to build a complete IT asset inventory
  • Discover any server hardware failure

Supported Technologies: Microsoft Windows Server

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Monitor critical Microsoft application services, processes, and components, which gives you insight into application performance and health.

Server & Application Monitor and Web Performance Monitor allow you to:

  • Isolate page load speed issues based on location, application components, or underlying server infrastructure
  • Monitor requests per second, throughput, request wait time, and rejected request due to insufficient server resources
  • Identify the root cause of problems by monitoring key performance metrics, including request wait time, SQL query executing time, and more
  • Analyze the health and performance of your Microsoft applications
  • Detect slow web services affecting user experience
  • Check critical end-user transactions every five minutes to help ensure everything works properly
  • Identify which webpage elements are slow and affect overall webpage application performance

Supported Technologies: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft Exchange

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Optimize SQL database performance by monitoring and tuning at the query level.

Database Performance Analyzer allows you to:

  • Troubleshoot performance problems, both in real-time and historically
  • Analyze workload to identify inefficiencies
  • Blocking and deadlock analysis (both the blockee and the blocker)
  • SQL Server operational health and status–including Availability Groups and DTU metrics for Azure
  • Multi-dimensional (query, database users, applications, and more) wait-based analytics
  • SQL Server index recommendations
  • Index analysis and query plan parsing
  • Alerting and reporting

Supported Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure Database, Microsoft SQL running on Azure VM, and Azure SQL Server Elastic Pools

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Help ensure your shared virtual infrastructure is optimized at all layers.

Virtualization Manager monitoring software for Microsoft allows you to:

  • Monitor the performance of your virtualized environments
  • Control VM sprawl
  • Right-size virtual machines
  • Optimize investment in host resources based on advance capacity planning
  • Predict the behavior of your virtual environment and solve potential issues before they escalate
  • Help improve the performance of your VM’s environment by remediating recommendations made by AI

Supported Technologies: Windows, Linux, and containers

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Monitor your cloud infrastructure and transit to help assure system and application performance.

Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, and Network Performance Monitor monitoring tools for Microsoft allow you to:

  • Discover Microsoft Azure cloud instances automatically and monitor them immediately
  • Monitor applications deployed in the Azure cloud with full-visibility, as in on-prem
  • Analyze historical performance data to pinpoint when performance degradation occurred
  • Measure the performance characteristic of each network node and link inside the cloud

Supported Technologies: Windows, Linux, and containers

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Monitoring for Azure



Track SaaS usage and availability. Back up emails to a secondary location for peace of mind.

Server & Application Monitor and Backup for Office 365 allow you to:

  • Track Microsoft Office 365 user/shared mailbox growth
  • Monitor and report on the status and availability of your Office 365 portal, subscription,
  • and security statistics
  • Check consumed license units based on part number or number of active subscriptions
  • in your environment
  • Monitor your on-prem Exchange in the same console as Office 365
  • Discover your top senders and receivers of emails
  • Help protect against data loss by backing up
  • Exchange email, calendar items, and contacts on demand or every two hours

Supported Technologies: Exchange

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Monitoring for Office 365