What’s New in Network Configuration Manager

NEW in v7.7! September 13, 2017

Network Insight for Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA multi-context support

Quickly add Cisco ASA devices to NCM and automatically discover all security contexts, then easily backup and restore configuration files for each context.

Cisco ASA Access Control List support

Automatically discover Access Control Lists (ACLs), which zones they are assigned to, and what interfaces are assigned to those zones. Identify ACLs that are configured but not applied. Use the ACL Rule Browser to visualize ACLs configured on the ASA, browse to object group definitions, search and filter within ACLs, show hit count for individual rules, and automatically detect shadow and redundant rules.

Cisco ASA firmware upgrade support

Use NCM’s firmware upgrade capabilities to easily upgrade the firmware for your Cisco ASAs.

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How to upgrade

To upgrade, visit your Customer Portal, download version 7.7, and follow the wizard. Learn more with the Upgrade Guide.