Take the Drudgery Out of Cisco IOS Upgrades

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Automation takes the drudgery out of IOS upgrades

  1. Save time and get more done

    Network automation helps you work smarter to save time and get more done

  2. Always know which devices to upgrade

    Automated vulnerability assessment easily identifies which devices may require a firmware upgrade

  3. Say goodbye to device bricking

    No need to stress over making a mistake and staying late to recover a device

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1 Save time and get more done

1 Save time and get more done

When you’re pressed just to make routine configuration changes, when do you find time to identify and upgrade outdated firmware? Even though the latest firmware can improve performance and make your network more secure, it doesn’t change the fact that you often need more hours in the day. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) can help by automatically identifying vulnerabilities in production firmware and then smoothly guide you through the process of upgrading obsolete Cisco IOS images in minutes—not hours or days.
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2 Always know which devices to upgrade

2 Always know which devices to upgrade

Whether you have 2,500 devices or more, it’s always a challenge to know which ones may be putting your network at risk due to firmware vulnerabilities. To start, you need to keep accurate track of all firmware versions installed, and then you need to review each and every published CVE to determine if that CVE applies to a firmware version used in your network. NCM eliminates much of this drudgery by automatically tracking firmware versions and correlating this with CVEs published in the National Vulnerability Database.  When a potential vulnerability to identified, NCM will alert you and guide you through the Cisco firmware upgrade process.
무료 체험판 다운로드 무료 체험판 시작 30일 동안 모든 기능 사용 가능

3 Say goodbye to device bricking

3 Say goodbye to device bricking

Human error is responsible for most network failures. Upgrading Cisco firmware can be tricky. Did you know that it takes roughly 50 clicks to upgrade a device?  Do you have the right image on the target device? Is there enough space? Did you make a backup? Do you remember the right syntax and sequence for this device? If not, you could end up bricking a router or switch—and experiencing a stress-filled late night. NCM can help by methodically walking you through the steps to create a job in about seven clicks, and then execute the entire process precisely across all target devices.
무료 체험판 다운로드 무료 체험판 시작 30일 동안 모든 기능 사용 가능
"Using NCM, we have found and brought all of our devices into compliance. As a result, we passed a security audit by an outside auditor, who was specifically looking for many things we had already taken care of using NCM."
Craig Norberg
Network Engineer
Genesis Health Care

Automated network configuration and compliance management

Network Configuration Manager

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  • 신속한 재해 복구.

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