How to Stop a DDoS Attack with Effective Mitigation and Prevention Software

Monitor event logs from a wide range of sources to detect and prevent DDoS activities


Detect communication with command control servers

Detect communication with command control servers

DDoS attacks are performed by botnets, which infiltrate systems around the world. A botnet of a few hosts is relatively harmless, but a botnet comprised of thousands of machines represents a very powerful force capable of bringing down targeted organizations. They do this by overwhelming legitimate online services to the extent that the online service can't handle the volume of activity and is essentially offline for the duration of the attack. The botnet zombie army will lie dormant until it receives instructions from the command control servers.
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Respond in real-time with rule-based event correlation

Respond in real-time with rule-based event correlation

SolarWinds® Security Event Manager can leverage community sourced lists of known bad actors to identify interactions with potential command control servers. This is accomplished by consolidating, normalizing, and reviewing logs from a wide range of sources, including IDS/IPS, firewalls, servers, authentication services, and workstations. The automated response can range from an alert, to blocking an IP, to actually shutting down an account. These options are easily configurable using checkboxes, and do not require extensive custom scripts.
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Investigate the breach with forensics tools

Investigate the breach with forensics tools

Logs and events captured by SolarWinds SIEM are encrypted, compressed, and recorded in an unalterable read-only format. This repository of logs represents a single source of truth that can be leveraged in post breach investigations and DDoS mitigation. Searches can easily be customized to filter for specific timeframes, specific accounts or IPs, or combinations of parameters. Queries can be built in a simple drag-and-drop UI leveraging simple Boolean logic, without the need to use grep or regular expressions.
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Help Identify Malicious Activity from DDoS Attacks

Security Event Manager

  • 業界特有のIT規制フレームワーク全体で監査できるコンプライアンスを達成することは容易ではありません。

  • 企業の規模に関わらず、セキュリティ上の脅威を検出してからそれに対応するまでに時間がかかると、大きなコストが発生してしまいます。

  • セキュリティ イニシアチブの有効性は、セキュリティの脅威に迅速に対応する能力に大きく依存します。

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Botnets may use your organization's resources to discreetly launch DDoS attacks