Botnet Detection Tool Designed to Help Monitor for Bot Attacks and Threats

Strengthen Real-Time Situational Awareness and Advanced Botnet Detection Capabilities


Block Communication Between Botnets and C&C Servers

Block Communication Between Botnets and C&C Servers

Threat actors use a range of bot attack mechanisms to bypass enterprise firewall security measures. They can infect thousands of devices to turn them into a network of bots. These bots remain benign until they communicate with a C&C server. The bot army can then launch DDoS attacks, engage in cryptomining, online scalping, or other malicious behavior. Unlike traditional botnet detectors, SolarWinds® Security Event Manager (LEM) includes a correlation engine built to identify unusual patterns and behavior in network traffic to help mitigate botnet attacks and other threats.
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Respond to Botnet Attacks Proactively

Respond to Botnet Attacks Proactively

SolarWinds SIEM solutions dynamically gather logs from multiple sources including IDS/IPS, firewalls, IAM solutions, servers, and endpoints, and synthesize them to improve situational awareness across a network. To block bot traffic, SEM uses community-sourced lists of known bad actors to help detect bots. You can configure automated intrusion detection responses to security events without using custom scripts. With LEM, you can also create policies and tick the checkboxes for triggering auto-alerts, blocking IPs, and shutting down accounts.
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Dig Deep into Logs with Advanced Forensics

Dig Deep into Logs with Advanced Forensics

Managing and maintaining logs is crucial not only for compliance, but also for troubleshooting real-time events and performing post-breach investigations. With these investigations, you can identify lingering cybersecurity issues in your setup. That’s why SEM is designed to encrypt, compress, and record your logs in read-only format. To help you extract useful information from a large volume of logs, you can set filters to focus on particular accounts, IPs, timeframes, and more. A rich UI helps ensures you don’t have to resort to the console for every minor task.
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Help Bolster Your Defense with Advanced Botnet Detection Tools

Security Event Manager

  • Unify and extract actionable intelligence from all your logs in near real time.

  • Expedite threat response against malicious IPs, accounts, applications, and more.

  • Get out-of-the-box compliance reporting for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, and more.

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Traditional SIEM tools are not equipped to detect botnet attacks
What are botnet detection tools?
Botnet detection tools use a range of network monitoring technologies to detect malicious botnet traffic and mitigate DDoS attacks initiated by bots.