Improve Ransomware Detection Software Capabilities

Leverage Advanced SIEM Tools to Implement Security Best Practices and Improve Ransomware Detection


Security for all your privileged accounts

Security for all your privileged accounts

It’s important for security teams to realize that once a threat actor gains access to privileged or admin accounts, it can be difficult to restrict the damage. Proper privilege-access management is crucial to counter not only ransomware but also other kinds of cyberattacks. SolarWinds® Security Event Manager (LEM) helps you monitor suspicious log activity, including monitoring user activity on the registry and detecting any changes in the extension of files, their locations, and authorizations. With LEM, you can set predefined or manually create threshold-based alerts for suspicious activity, such as triggering whenever someone repeatedly fails authentication or for daily logins beyond a certain limit and from multiple locations that occur within a few minutes of each other. You can also define group policies for Windows to restrict access to folder locations where ransomware is most commonly installed.
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Leverage threat intelligence feeds to strengthen security

Leverage threat intelligence feeds to strengthen security

Ransomware detection software needs to stay ahead of the sophisticated methods threat actors use to target organizations. SEM includes a community-sourced, continuously updated intelligence feed of known malicious hosts/IPs and attack vectors. By collecting, consolidating, and analyzing all your log data alongside threat intelligence feeds, SEM is built to automatically detect, alert, and respond to ransomware attacks with increased agility.
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Get end-to-end log visibility for network and users

Get end-to-end log visibility for network and users

LEM helps you monitor the health of your environment to help improve your ransomware detection process by collecting and correlating a wide range of log types, including log files from network devices, servers, applications, and more. SolarWinds SEM is designed to support deep-dive log data analysis with customizable log search and visualization features.
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Expedite Ransomware Detection

Security Event Manager

  • Get real-time actionable insights from your servers, endpoints, and applications.

  • Block malicious IPs, patch vulnerabilities, and detect unusual activity in your network.

  • Use predefined or custom rules to set operational thresholds and receive intelligent alerts.

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Most Organizations Lack the Tools and Expertise Required
to Counter Ransomware Attacks
What is ransomware detection software?
Ransomware detection software helps in maintaining file integrity, blocking suspicious traffic, reducing spam, and restricting access to important folders to detect and mitigate ransomware attacks.