What’s New in Database Performance Analyzer

New in v12.0! August 28, 2018

Table Tuning Advisors

  • Make intelligent tuning decisions about indexing, query tuning, and data models
  • Aggregate inefficient SQL statements at the table level—after all, you don’t index a query

Query performance analysis

  • Taking performance analysis to the query level in a single view
  • Intelligent display of key information based on observed wait activity
  • Analyze the root cause of bad query performance in relation to historical trends
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Blocking and Deadlock data in the Orion® Platform Performance Analysis (PerfStack)

  • This added data in PerfStack can help you determine if application slowdowns are being caused by database blocking (concurrency)
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Interface improvements (see release notes for full details)

  • The new “Tuning” tab allows you to jump to advisors from any trend page
  • New charting for the query performance analysis page—interactive charts, new navigation, and expandable/collapsible sections for a cleaner and easier-to-consume experience

Oracle instance registration without needing Sys access

Security fixes (see release notes for details)

Upgrade to Database Performance Analyzer 12.0