Virtual Machine Performance Management

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Managing most virtual environments is difficult due to their complexity

Virtualization troubleshooting

Searching through thousands of counters and metrics to discover performance issues is unnecessarily time-consuming.

Resource contention problems

Managing a shared pool of virtual resources (CPU, memory, storage,and network), can be complicated.

Storage-related issues

Because storage provisioning tends to be overlooked, it creates problems that can wreck havoc on VM performance.

Welcome to simplified VM monitoring and remediation

  1. Intuitive and comprehensive dashboards

    Virtualization Manager has built-in dashboards that show you the overall health of your VMware® vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V® virtual environments. Detailed alerts give you hypervisor-specific conditions, thresholds, and recommendations to fix problems. Environment views automatically map VMs to their underling host, storage, and related objects, which allows you to quickly see VM performance correlations. Status alerts about your physical host lets you analyze overall hardware health.

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  2. Storage I/O performance metrics and alerts

    Storage I/O performance is where one of the most common bottlenecks occur in both vSphere and Hyper-V environments. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager gives you a comprehensive heterogeneous view of all shared storage via a single pane of glass. Customizable dashboards provide critical storage metrics, such as read/write, IOPs, throughput, etc. Storage contention issues can be viewed at cluster, host, and virtual machine levels so they can be addressed at the right time to avoid workload and application performance issues.

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  3. Past performance analysis and troubleshooting

    With virtualization dependency mapping capabilities, you can highlight an object in context on a dependency map, which allows you to see all related objects. Virtualization Manager's time travel feature gives you a full historical account of configuration data and infrastructure relationships. You can identify historical dependencies that existed at a specific point in time in your virtual environment, such as VMs belonging to a particular host seven days prior, VMs that generated the most IOPs, etc. This data can then be used to answer the “what changed?” question all IT pros regularly face.

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager… provides the same level of information and statistics asVMware vRealize® Operations Manager at a fraction of the price."

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  • Troubleshoot problems faster with dashboards for performance, capacity, storage, and configuration
  • Decrease your MTTR by executing actions right from alert and sprawl screens
  • Take swift action on application and workload issues based on discovered virtual dependencies

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