Threat Intelligence - Proactive Threat Detection and Response

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Protect your network from attacks with threat intelligence

Overwhelming amount of data on threats

Manually keeping up to date on the vast amount of information on indicators of compromise is a huge challenge.

Difficulty in operationalizing threat intelligence

Inability to take preventive measures against future threats, as the threat intelligence data is not optimized.

Undetected infected hosts

Lack of information on what has been changed in your environment could potentially lead to sensitive information leaks.

Threat Intelligence is knowledge that helps you identify security threats and make informed decisions

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    Improve security with threat intelligence feeds

    With the intense increase in the volume of DDoS, botnets and malware attacks that happen everyday, you need a solution for collecting, consolidating, and analyzing all of your log data and threat intelligence in one place. SolarWinds Log & Event manager, comes with active threat intelligence in the form of threat feeds that can automatically detect and respond to user, application and network threats.

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  2. Flag threat events

    Log & Event Manager monitors logs in a centralized location. The threat feed proactively analyzes activities against a list of known malicious threats, and immediately alerts you when known bad actors have entered your environment.

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  3. Improve detection of suspicious activities

    Log & Event Manager comes with predefined rules that can bring in context to disparate events like unusual privileged user activity that happens out of normal working hours. You can select from predefined rules, or define specific rules such as setting operational thresholds to correlate events and automate multiple actions and notifications.

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  4. Gain insight to trends

    You can identify trends in the information flow with visualization and discovery techniques like parameterized search, tree maps, charts and word clouds. This helps in filtering out inherent noise present in log data and identify important security events. You can save these searches for later use and even export them as reports in PDF or CSV files. Further, there is an extensive library of reports, which can be used out-of the box for compliance and forensic analysis purposes.

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Threat intelligence and more

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  • Collects, centralizes and manages events and logs across security, network and systems
  • Analyzes security events to identify threats in real-time using a list of community sourced bad actors
  • Demonstrate compliance and get actionable data in less time

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