Perform SQL Server Audits and Improve Database Security

with Log & Event Manager


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Protect your data - identify internal and external threats

Compromising confidential information

Stop unauthorized access to your database. Prevent data leaks and access to sensitive information.

Maintaining data integrity

Be alerted of changes to individual files or changes to database configurations as they happen.

Identifying attacks in real-time

Identify attempts to bypass security measures and tamper with your data such as SQL injection attacks and Log File deletion.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager provides database security by monitoring database events in real-time

  1. Monitor database authentication

    Credential theft or privileged account escalation is one of the most common events that happen before security attacks. Also, the possibility of insider threat increases when privileged accounts like database user accounts are misused for performing malicious activities. Therefore access control plays a major role in database security as it involves allowing or disallowing user actions on the database. With Log & Event Manager, you can track, report and alert unauthorized user attempts to the database, and generate audit reports for compliance purposes.

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  2. Detect suspicious activities

    Get alerts for unknown user logons, service shutdowns, duplicate connection attempts, critical logon failures, object change attempts or other anomalies, in real-time. Configure MS SQL Auditor to alert on specific events in profiler traces. Log & Event Manager collects, normalizes, parses and allows you to manage logs from databases, applications, infrastructure and other sources.

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  3. Detect and deter cyber attacks

    DBCC transactional statements like drop or delete table and changes in access permission are security events that need to be closely monitored. Log & Event Manager enables you to improve situational awareness with its out-of-the-box event correlation rules for threat detection and compliance requirements. These rules can study database transactions and detect known threats and study malicious and untrusted activities to identify and discover new threats. With historical data and new findings, you can set automated response for threat mitigation.

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Database security and more

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  • Automate key compliance reports for HIPAA, SOX, NCUA, STIG, GLBA, PCI, NERC and more
  • Detect malicious activity between command control servers and botnets using a list of community sourced bad actors
  • Automate response to security threats with no scripting

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