Network Configuration Change Management

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Managing network configuration changes is time-consuming and error-prone

Complex networks

Ever-growing, multi-vendor device environments and manual configuration management slows staff productivity.

Misconfigurations cause downtime

Increased troubleshooting time and difficulty tracking configuration changes impacts network performance.

Security policy compliance

Adherence to internal and external security policies requires continuous monitoring and assessment.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager reduces network change management time and errors

  1. Save time and effort managing configuration changes

    Quickly deploy configuration changes across your network—individually or in bulk. Network automation using SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager not only saves admin time that can be spent on more important tasks, but also prevents configuration errors, which are likely to occur with a manual process. You can avoid bad or invalid configuration changes before deployment using a change approval process. Ready-to-use configuration templates and bulk deployments leave less room for human errors.

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  2. Know who made configuration changes and when

    Configuration changes are daily events in dynamic, multi-vendor networks. However, network administrators find it difficult to monitor and track these changes because the impact of a configuration change might not be immediate. You can troubleshoot these cases faster and easier when you can backtrack and connect to a configuration change, which is reversed and the issue is resolved. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager provides real-time change alerting, which notifies you every time a configuration is changed.

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  3. Fast recovery from configuration change errors

    Critical devices or applications may experience downtime as a result of a bad configuration change. You can easily fix this with minimal network downtime by replacing the erroneous configuration with the last known good configuration from the archives. You can also search for and schedule automatic network backups of device configurations.

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  4. Ensure configuration changes comply with regulations

    Adhering to security policies is the difficult part of configuration management and change control. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager includes vulnerability scanning, compliance assessment reports, and real-time configuration change monitoring to help you meet security policy requirements. You can identify and close security gaps in the network, as well as ensure that configurations and changes follow both internal and external policies.

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Orion NPM and NCM give us tremendous network management and monitoring capabilities for such a small investment. They have become an integral tool as a part of our team and daily monitoring, we are able to easily see if there has been any issue within the network as we are alerted both by email and SMS."

Dan Fludder

Network and Infrastructure Manager at Jetmax International

Automate configuration, change control, and compliance

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  • Improve network reliability using change control monitoring and alerting, and configuration rollbacks and backups
  • Reduce configuration errors using standardized device configurations and deployment automation
  • Improve network security using IOS vulnerability scanning and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and PCI DSS compliance assessments

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