Firewall Security Management

with Log & Event Manager at Network Configuration Manager

Protect firewalls and your network with the right tools

Anomalous activity

Monitor firewalls, network traffic devices and apps to identify abnormal activity, unexpected access attempts and potential threats.

Misconfigured firewalls

Eliminate downtime due to misconfigured firewalls by knowing what changed and replacing the bad configs with last known good configuration.

Firewall compliance violations

Automate security audits and reports with built-in policy checks for industry-standard
compliance regulations.

Improve security with configuration management and real time log and event analysis

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    Immediate visibility into anomalies with event correlation

    You can keep track of firewall activities with SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager's continuous monitoring capabilities. Quickly identify anomolous activities like connections denied by firewall rules and intrusion detection activity like port scans. Dramatically improve your situational awareness and detect potential threats with out-of-the-box rules or customized rules. These rules help in uncovering the relationship between unrelated events, such as the number of user logon failures and denied traffic counts.

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  2. Monitor firewall configuration changes and policy violations

    Automate configuration change management across multi-vendor devices without the need for complex scripting and CLI commands. Get real-time alerts on firewall configuration changes and policy violations to protect against unauthorized or accidental changes. Fix failed configuration changes and eliminate downtime with side-by-side comparisons and roll-back.

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  3. Mitigate issues with active response

    Constant changes in filrewall rules lead to misconfiguration and network downtime. You can configure access control lists (ACLs) and add access monitoring and control rules to your SolarWinds Log & Event Manager rules. Log & Event Manager also enables you initiate appropriate response, like blocking an offending IP address at the firewall if it has violated your ACLs or rules.

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What Firewall Security Management Includes

Log & Event Manager

Improve network security auditing and stay compliant from a single virtual appliance

  • Proactively responds to events in real-time
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box compliance rules and reports

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Network Configuration Manager

Automated network change and configuration management software

  • Save time using change management to push approved, standardized config changes to devices in minutes
  • Provides detailed views of compliance management and adherence across the entire network
  • Maintain policy compliance using continuous configuration auditing and remediation

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Fully functional for 30 days

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