Application Performance Management

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Benefits of Application Performance Management

Improved application uptime

Provide uninterrupted business services and boost productivity by achieving high application availability and performance.

Predictive analytics and monitoring

Monitor critical health indicators when application performance starts to degrade, so you can fix issues before users are impacted.

Faster triage and troubleshooting

Gain visibility of application performance and dependencies with other parts of the IT infrastructure for quicker root cause analysis.

Achieve high application performance with continuous monitoring and end-to-end visibility

  1. Solve complex problems with deep dive diagnostics

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor delivers a deep view of your applications environment to identify and troubleshoot performance issues before end-users are impacted. Intelligent alerts eliminate false positives and alert you when health indicators reach warning or critical thresholds and deviate from baseline performance.

    Use out-of-the-box monitoring templates for critical applications including Exchange™, IIS™, AD, Java®, Apache®, Citrix®, Oracle®, and over a hundred others. Analyze historical performance data with intuitive reports.

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  2. Increase agility with monitoring automation

    Simplify application performance management with automated monitoring practices. Automate many common processes with Server & Application Monitor and save manual administration time.

    • Auto-discover servers and applications you want to monitor in your environment
    • Define monitoring profiles and automatically configure what needs to be monitored on discovered nodes
    • Dynamically calculate baseline thresholds for performance alerting
    • Schedule delivery of performance reports
    • Map your applications infrastructure automatically and visualize dependencies with the underlying infrastructure.

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  3. Monitor end-user experience for business transactions

    Use SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor to proactively identify whether the changes made to the web application or web pages have an impact on end-users. Synthetic transaction monitoring helps you analyze the impact of code changes on the end-user experience. Test your websites in the pre-production stage so you can detect performance issues ahead of time.

    Web Performance Monitor integrates with Server & Application Monitor to monitor web transactions in context of application health.

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  4. Forecast resource capacity needs for workload management

    With rapidly growing application workloads, it is important to ensure your servers are equipped with sufficient hardware (CPU, memory, disk). Monitor resource utilization of your physical and virtual environment over time and easily identify capacity needs allowing you to optimize resource procurement and manage workloads more effectively. Monitor services, processes, event logs, and hardware health to identify server problems that can impact application performance.

    Maintain a centralized inventory of server hardware and software assets across your organization for streamlined resource management.

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The most valuable feature of Server & Application Monitor is its ability to get it up and running out of the box in minutes."

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