Accelerate Database Performance

with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Whether you are an experienced DBA
or a developer with limited database responsibility, Database Performance Analyzer makes it easy to solve complex database issues and optimize application response times.

Using an intuitive interface, DBAs, developers, and IT operations teams can easily get a comprehensive view of performance and expert advice for effective database tuning. Database Performance Analyzer shows how every aspect of the system affects performance: SQL Statements, server resources, storage I/O, virtualization layers, and the configuration of the database engine.

This visibility streamlines the process of locating complex performance issues, and delivers expert advice, drastically simplifying the process of database performance optimization. Performance DBAs can drill deeper to gain even greater insight, correlations, and advanced analysis leveraging all the power of Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™.

Database Performance Analyzer is the Tool of Choice for Performance DBAs for performance tuning

  • Historic trending — Perform forensics to understand performance over days, months, or years
  • Baselines and reports — Identify anomalies in production
  • Proactive optimization — Get out of fire-fighting mode, get more out of your database, and reduce hardware investment requirements
  • Optimize Databases Anywhere — Accelerate databases on-premise, in the cloud, and in virtualized environments. Learn More
  • NEW in v9.1 — Deploy directly on AWS. Learn More
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  • My life is considerably easier because of DPA. I highly recommend it for anybody. It’s clearly the best tool out there.

    Barry Duran

    Principal Architect

  • DPA helps us either actually find something that is wrong or to show with proof there is nothing wrong with these layers, it is actually the application code. So I think the nice thing about DPA is that it allows us to discern where the issues really occur.

    Leigh Freijo

    DBA Manager

  • We originally bought the product to help with our Oracle eBusiness implementation. We were having tremendous issues with performance at the time. 400 customer service reps trying to key in orders. We couldn’t find what the issues were. We tried a variety of products. We did everything we could with Oracle. Literally, within a week of installing DPA we solved 80% of the performance issues. It just gave us the visibility that we were missing.

    Adam J

    IT Director