System Management Software

Are you wondering why your app is slow? Prevent this question from coming up again and again by understanding the app, storage, virtualization, and more. SolarWinds system management software gives you instant visibility across all resources that can impact application performance.

  • Monitoring, asset inventory, reporting & alerting for over 150 apps

    • Reliable & scalable - see performance data in about an hour
    • Extend monitoring to custom applications in minutes

    Starts at $2995

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  • Performance, capacity and sprawl management from VM to datastore

    • Optimize performance, capacity, and sprawl with prebuilt dashboards
    • View and troubleshoot across application, virtualization and storage with prebuilt integration

    Starts at $2995

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  • Powerful Heterogeneous Storage Management from LUN to Spindle

    • Map and monitor from VM to heterogeneous physical storage arrays
    • Automate storage capacity planning

    Starts at $2995

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  • Monitor Web page load times from multiple locations

    • Reduce abandonment rates by monitoring page load times
    • Use image matching to ensure images load correctly & within a specified time

    Starts at $1995

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  • IT Service Management software with asset discovery & management.

    • Manage the flow of IT service requests with rule-based routing
    • Discover & manage hardware and software assets from a browser-based interface

    Starts at $695

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  • Remote desktop & server management and Active Directory® management tools.

    • Remotely troubleshoot Windows®, Mac OS® X, and Linux® computers
    • Manage multiple Active Directory sites from one console

    Starts at $349

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  • Remote control and troubleshooting tools for mixed-OS environments.

    • Remotely control Windows®, Mac OS® X, and Linux® computers
    • Support sleeping, crashed, or powered-down computers with Intel® vPro® support

    Starts at $259

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  • Easily manage Syslog, SNMP Trap and Windows Event Log messages

    • Quickly deploy & monitor logs in real-time via secure Web access
    • Troubleshoot issues, comply with regulations with advanced alerting & automated log archiving

    Starts at $295

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  • Simple, affordable log viewer for Windows

    • View log file changes in real-time, and monitor for specific keywords/phrases
    • Quickly view and search log files up to 14 TB in size

    Starts at $79

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  • Mobile IT management from Android®, iOS®, and BlackBerry® devices

    • Integration with Active Directory, VMware, SolarWinds Orion, and dozens of other IT Mgmt solutions
    • Monitor and manage your IT infrastructure while on-call from a mobile device

    Starts at $695

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Senior Systems Engineer

David has been with SafeAuto Insurance since July of 2010. Currently he is responsible for managing monitoring including both Solarwinds and HP SIM as well as assisting in the management of over 400 Windows servers in both physical and virtual ESX environment.



Sr. Network / Systems Engineer

After CIS/MIS BS contracted for DISA in mid 90’s. Worked with Toyota for 3 years. Worked for GE for 4 years (Here was where I first found SW products).



Sr. Systems Engineering Analyst

I wear many hats, working on everything from storage to virtualization. I spend most of my life in the world of Windows, but dabble in the world of Linux. I like to automate, with PowerShell being one of my favorite tools.