Automated device tracking and switch port management

  • Automatically discovers, maps, and monitors switches, ports, and network devices
  • Quickly finds devices and retrieves user name, port details, connection history, and more
  • Enables searching on IP address, username, hostname, or MAC address to track endpoints
  • Allows whitelisting and watch lists with automatic alerts and click-of-a-button port shutdown
  • Provides detailed switch port usage data, capacity analysis, and built-in reporting

Track network users

  1. Find users based on username, MAC address, IP address, or hostname
  2. See network ports not being used
  3. Respond to events and possible threats fast
  4. Watch for specific users connecting to the network
  5. Review a detailed connection history for users and devices, including the last known location
  6. Learn which switches are close to overloading
  7. Create reports on switch capacity loads to qualify the need for requesting new hardware
  8. Reclaim unused ports by analyzing every port on every switch

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) gives you the ability to monitor your network so that you know exactly what users, devices, and ports are doing at any given time and it helps you keep on top of port usage and capacity.

SolarWinds UDT lets you see where exactly users are connected as well as your network capacity. At regular intervals, SolarWinds UDT polls routers and switches for data about who is connected to them and organizes both the current and historical data. The software also sends you alerts and reports about which users are connected to your network.

SolarWinds UDT reports on how many ports are used on switches currently, as well as over time, so you can better understand your network’s capacity and the true utilization of the ports on your switches.

Discover and add devices and users to your network

When discovering and adding network devices, SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) first adds the network devices that you want to monitor, and then adds the specific ports on those devices that you want to monitor.

Add Devices - SolarWinds UDT employs multiple methods to add devices, and the recommended method depends on how many devices you want to add. Upon installation, SolarWinds UDT takes you to the Network Sonar Discovery Wizard.

Add Multiple Devices (Network Sonar Discovery) - SolarWinds UDT uses a Network Sonar Discovery Wizard to help you discover devices on your network. The Network Sonar Discovery Wizard recognizes network devices that are already in your SolarWinds database and prevents you from importing these devices again.

Add a Single Device (Node) - Use the ADD A SINGLE DEVICE option in Discovery Central if you only need to add a one device.

Add Ports - After you have discovered network devices, use the DISCOVER MY PORTS option in Discovery Central to discover and add ports.


Examine port and device status


Device Tracker Summary – Includes the following items:

  • All UDT Nodes – Lists nodes, grouped by node property, including a status icon and node name; expanding a specific node displays the ports for that node including a status icon and the port name
  • Total Ports Currently Used – Charts the total number and percentage of used and free ports
  • Active Alerts – Lists the active alerts associated with devices and ports
  • Top XX Nodes by Percent Ports Used - Lists the nodes with the highest percentage of ports used
  • Device Watch List –Tracks specific computers
  • Total Ports Used Over Time – Charts the total ports used over time

Device Tracker Port Details – Includes the following items:

  • Port Details – List revealing port properties, including port name, port number, MAC addresses of devices connected to the port, VLANs, and Duplex mode
  • Port History – Table that shows port history information, including time period, connected IP addresses, connected MAC addresses, and hostname

Node and Port Data – View tooltips by hovering over a node or port to see its current status.


Locate where a user, hostname, IP, or MAC address is connected to a switch and port

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) can locate where a particular user, hostname, IP, or MAC address is or was connected to a switch or port to respond to a problem.


Create a device watch list

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) lets you keep track of specific users on a watch list and know exactly where they are connected at any time. You can also configure your watch list to send a notification when a specific user connects to your network.


Send alerts when issues are detected

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) includes an Advanced Alert Manager to monitor and respond to users connecting to your network using device and port alerts.

Use Report Writer to deliver switch and port data

SolarWinds includes Report Writer so that you can provide detailed statistics on:

  • OUI Summary Report
  • OUI Report
  • CapacityConnected MAC and IP Addresses
  • Connected Devices
  • Make “List of IPv6 Addresses” and “Unused Ports” two separate bullet points
  • User History Report

Network User Tracking

User Device Tracker

  • 网络设备定位器可以通过 IP 或 MAC 地址、用户名或主机名帮助追踪端点设备。

  • 网络设备标识符地图可以针对性能和错误监视无线接入点和交换机。

  • 始终清楚交换机和端口的使用方式,以及哪些交换机即将达到最大容量。

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