Switch Port Capacity Monitoring and Planning


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Automated device tracking and switch port management

  • Automatically discovers, maps and monitors switches, ports, and network devices
  • Quickly finds devices and retrieves user name, port details, connection history and more
  • Enables searching on IP address, user name, Hostname or MAC address to track endpoints
  • Allows whitelisting and watch lists with automatic alerts and click-of-a-button port shutdown
  • Provides detailed switch port usage data, capacity analysis, and built-in reporting

Monitor, manage, and map switch ports on your network

  1. Locate a user by searching using an IP address, hostname, or MAC address
  2. Find any unused network ports
  3. Find out where a user has previously been on the network
  4. Discover the last known location of an unconnected user
  5. Respond to network threats and events at lightning speed
  6. Watch for a specific MAC address or hostname to connect to your network
  7. Find any switches operating at or near full capacity and in danger of overloading
  8. Report on switch capacities to justify purchase of new equipment
  9. Reclaim any unused ports by looking at individual ports per switch

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) lets you monitor the ports, users, and devices on your network and analyze the port usage and capacity. SolarWinds UDT allows you to find users and devices  connected to your network, as well as detailed data for capacity analysis by polling switches and routers. With this data, SolarWinds UDT stores historical and current information about where a user has been on your network. It also provides alerts and reports about the users currently connected to the network.

For capacity analysis, SolarWinds UDT can give you detailed reports on the number of ports in use currently and historically.

View the current status of devices and ports

Device Tracker Summary – The Device Tracker Summary tells you:

  • All UDT Nodes – Nodes, grouped by node property, with a status icon and the node name; expanding a node displays the ports for the node with a status icon and the port name
  • Total Ports Currently Used – Total number and percentage of used and free ports
  • Active Alerts – Active alerts associated with SolarWinds UDT devices and ports
  • Top XX Nodes by Percent Ports Used - Nodes with the highest percent of ports used
  • Device Watch List – List of devices to watch
  • Total Ports Used Over Time – Chart of the total ports used over time

Device Tracker Port Details – The Device Tracker Port Details tells you:

  • Port Details – Port properties, including port name, port number, MAC addresses of the devices connected to the port, VLANs, and Duplex mode
  • Port History – Port history information, including time period, connected IP addresses, connected MAC addresses, and hostname

Node and Port Data - Node and port tooltips give you status overviews of monitored nodes and ports. Simply hover over a node or port to get a quick overview of that object’s status.

Locate where a hostname, IP, or MAC address is connected

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) can locate a switch and port where a particular user, hostname, IP, or MAC address is currently or was previously connected to aid you in responding to a security or network problem.

Present switch and port data

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) data is easily presented in a variety of common formats using SolarWinds Report Writer. Use Report Writer as a quick and easy way to extract data from your database for presentation. A number of predefined SolarWinds UDT-specific reports are included. Report Writer also enables custom SolarWinds UDT report creation, as necessary, using criteria and conditions you choose.

  • Connected Devices
  • CapacityConnected MAC and IP AddressesOUI Summary Report
  • List of IPv6 Addresses
  • OUI Report
  • User History Report
  • Unused Ports

Automated Device Tracking and Switch Port Management

User Device Tracker

  • Network device locator can help track endpoint devices by IP or MAC address, username, or hostname.

  • Network device identifier maps can monitor wireless access points and switches for performance and errors.

  • Always know how switches and ports are being used, and which switches are nearing capacity.

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