Employee service management goes beyond IT.

Extend ITSM to help keep employees productive and the business running smoothly.

Pushing a unified employee service strategy throughout the organization is far from easy. But, the benefits make it a worthy effort.

Imagine if employees had a single portal for any service they’re looking for — from IT to HR to facilities and more.

  • Improve Employee Productivity By submitting requests through the portal, employees can track the progress of their tickets, understand the SLAs attached to their requests, and get back to their jobs with peace of mind.
  • Data-Driven Service Delivery An employee service portal offers a unique opportunity to collect all of the information needed to quickly deliver services. Customize your service catalog and incident submission form to ensure you have the necessary information to meet and exceed employee expectations.
  • 24/7 Access to Service Providers Modern employees aren’t always in the office. When they need answers, the portal gives them direct access to the status of their requests and a direct line of communication with service providers. Plus, they’re one click away from a knowledge base full of solutions to help them self-resolve many recurring issues.

This is where your IT leaders have the opportunity to take charge, driving business value for the entire organization. They know how effective service portals, automation for ticket routing and priority, service catalogs, and a good change management process can be. IT leaders have the ability to empower department stakeholders in the organization by guiding them through these processes.

Benefits of Employee Service Management

Onboarding Just Got a Little More Modern


Onboarding Just Got a Little More Modern

The happiness of the employees within your organization is critical to your HR team’s success from day one. But, more often than not, the onboarding process includes multiple departments and a reliance on a combination of spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails to support each new employee. This creates a less than optimal employee experience.

By providing employees with a single destination for all HR-related services and the process to follow from their first day, IT can relieve some of the frustration that comes with being brand-new to an organization. This gives your new employees a modern experience that increases service quality while automating service operations.

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Facilities Request Have Never Been Easier


Facilities Request Have Never Been Easier

Ticket management is just as important for office site security as it is for ensuring proper network access. Both have the ability to negatively impact an employee’s day. Empower your facilities management team with a service management solution that allows them to streamline operations and automate repetitive processes. With efficient work order management, your facilities department can deliver higher levels of service, while ensuring your employees have a safe, clean, and comfortable work environment.
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Smart Technology to Drive Greater Employee Satisfaction

Smart Technology to Drive Greater Employee Satisfaction

Improve the employee experience by predicting problems and preventing unnecessary issues.

  • Close the communication gap between departments, management, and employees
  • Develop HR service processes that showcase efficiency, consistency, and accuracy for every employee
  • Ensure you’re meeting legal compliance by documenting all activities with a robust audit trail
  • Create process efficiency through workflows, routings, and approvals
  • Anticipate and resolve issues before they impact employees or the organization
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Employee Service Management at EXOS

Employee Service Management at EXOS

IT service management solutions have helped connect employees to quicker and better resolutions for their everyday needs. But service management doesn’t need to stay only in IT. In fact, IT leaders are in a unique position to help other departments streamline workflows and automate service delivery to provide the same experience.

Shvonne Craig, Director of IT Services at EXOS, did just that as she helped lead a service management expansion in her organization.

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