Web Help Desk


起始价格 $700 没有月费,支持无限数量的终端用户
Dameware Remote Support


起始价格 $370 无月费,连接到无限个终端设备
DameWare Mini Remote Control


起始价格 $265 没有月费,可连接到无限数量的终端设备
Mobile Admin

Simplify IT administration and management from your mobile device

起始价格 $695

捆绑的 IT 技术支持产品

Help Desk Essentials Pack

Save time, money, and resources by automating and simplifying help desk and IT support tasks

  • Dameware Remote Support
  • Web Help Desk

免费 IT 管理工具

使用这三个管理工具保持 Active Directory 整洁
This free tool is a terminal emulator that lets you make multiple telnet and SSH connections from one easy-to-use console.
FTP, FTPS, and SFTP secure file transfer and automation with a full-featured scheduler
将 Windows 事件日志作为 syslog 消息自动转发到任何 syslog 服务

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