What’s New in SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor

New in v 6.5! Dec 4, 2017

Manage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid applications

Cloud monitoring for Microsoft Azure Environment

Monitor Azure Cloud instances and volumes and know the health and performance of your cloud and on-premises applications, plus their underlying infrastructure, in one view.

Learn more about Azure IaaS monitoring

Cloud infrastructure Monitoring documentation

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange monitoring

New application templates for Office 365 email services. Monitor, track, and report on user and group mailbox usage and trends. View portal and service account and status to ensure SLAs are being meet.

Learn more about Office 365 email monitoring

Performance Analysis (PerfStack™) 2.0

Real-time polling for key metrics and support for additional metrics such as Syslog, UnDP, SNMP traps, and more. Navigate directly from node and application details pages to a predefined set of node and application metrics.

Learn more about PerfStack

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) Data

Integrate DPA to add database wait time and metric data from DPA to any PerfStack chart. Correlate application and infrastructure metrics to database wait time.

Upgrading is simple.

To upgrade, visit the customer portal, download version 6.5, and follow the wizard. Learn more with step-by-step details.