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An IT security manager or systems administrator aims to ensure that all applications are patched, and that the IT environment isn’t affected by security flaws. This is difficult due to various factors, including having to keep a variety of software patched, such as Microsoft and third-party applications, and the inability to automate and guarantee successful patch deployment.

SolarWinds® Patch Manager helps you prepare for this important task by simplifying application patch management with powerful discovery and compliance reporting functionalities.

Benefits of application patch management using Patch Manager

If you have WSUS or SCCM in your environment, you are likely patching Microsoft software. It is challenging to use multiple software tools to patch non-Microsoft applications like Adobe or Java.

Using Patch Manager, you can:

  • Extend your Microsoft WSUS and SCCM capabilities for publishing third-party applications
  • Create the right pre- and post-installation environment for successful patching
  • Reduce security risks by controlling patch deployment
  • Create out-of-the-box reports, dashboard views, and manage known vulnerabilities to pass compliance audits

Implementing application patch management

Implementing application patch management

Patch Manager gives you a comprehensive list of available updates for applications, further categorized as critical, security, definition, and third-party updates and service packs. Also, the update notifications are available on the Patch Manager console and via email. You can select a specific update and perform various actions, including defining the target computer group, choosing approve or not approve, and scheduling deployment time and date.

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How application patch management works

How application patch management works

If you are starting a patch process for a specific software, you can download the package or import it into Patch Manager. Also, Patch Manager simplifies application management for commonly used third-party software by allowing you to automatically publish updates to WSUS server. PackageBoot technology automates application patch management by allowing you to create the right pre- and post-installation environment for complex install scenarios for software like Java.

Having Patch Manager in your IT environment helps you address known security flaws by facilitating successful application patch management, which significantly reduces your patch workload.

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Reduce security risks by automating patch management and simplifying publishing and reporting

Patch Manager

  • WSUS is an excellent tool, but it lacks the ability to effectively schedule patches and report on patch status and inventory.

  • Despite using SCCM, when it comes to patch management and software distribution of non-Microsoft updates, things can get complicated.

  • The time between the discovery of an operating system or application vulnerability and the emergence of an exploit is decreasing.

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