What’s New in Network Performance Monitor

New in v12.3! May 30, 2018

Deeper visibility and smarter scalability for large, complex environments

Network Insight™ for Cisco Nexus

Monitor data center switch health and readiness, protect against hardware failure, verify redundancy with visibility into virtual Port Channels (vPCs), and search by interface description to bring manageability back to complex switches.

Increased scalability

Scale to up to 400,000 elements per instance (with appropriate licenses)

Intelligent mapping

Automatically generated, contextually-aware network map sub-views for no-maintenance visual troubleshooting.

Improved APC UPS monitoring

View overall status, time on battery, and current charge capacity of APC UPS devices.

New AP support for Huawei

Improved support for Huawei wireless devices and NEC topology

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Upgrading is simple

To upgrade, visit your Customer Portal, download version 12.3, and follow the wizard. Learn more with the upgrade guide.