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Analyze network latency

NPM Network Summary

Analyze network latency

When network path latency occurs, application performance as perceived by the user is often adversely affected. Network latency can be measured at the packet level by calculating the amount of time it takes to establish client sessions with an application server using a Three-Way Handshake (TCP Handshake). SolarWinds network monitoring software includes a Quality of Experience dashboard that utilizes deep packet inspection and analysis to automatically calculate network response time and thus network latency.
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Monitor and troubleshoot network devices


Monitor and troubleshoot network devices

Drill down into the node in critical status to view device details including current node status, device information, average response time, packet loss, etc. With SolarWinds infrastructure monitoring software, you can see that the node is up and running, but the min/max average response time and packet loss went above 200ms. To find the source of the issue, dig deeper into hardware health and device performance.
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Plan network capacity needs


Plan network capacity needs

You can also use the network optimization software to drill down into specific nodes for current and projected capacity utilization data. The node details page provides detailed information on interface capacity, disk capacity, memory capacity, and CPU capacity with forecast data. Here you can find the capacity forecast chart for CPU and memory for the Core Router.
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